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Use research is asked to accept the identity to investigate with the Japanese student of reactor

In report will occupy new network on June 23 report of Japanese joint company, recently, japanese nuclear energy compasses makes committee use the student of reactor and researcher to be an object with the use research such as the university, requirement school just carries out the identity of mental medical history and criminal record to investigate. Investigation object keeps for frequent discrepancy of nuclear material defend the fixed discrepancy personnel of area.

According to the report, investigation purpose is prevent nuclear material have things stolen and terroristic action, personnel expresses embarrassedly related Japanese university: "This meeting becomes the doorsill of mentally, annals decreases at studying the student of nuclear energy is met probably. " the expert points out this still affects human rights and individual privacy issue.

It is reported, japanese nuclear energy compasses makes committee ask to the exercise that works in nuclear power plant personnel undertakes the identity is investigated, power company plan is the fastest this year autumn is carried out. The university that this committee also asks hold considers to use reactor carries out similar investigation and make declare a report.

Before this, orgnaization of international nuclear energy (IAEA) offers to Japanese government, the work staff that to sharing movement of nuclear power plant and island of blessing of Tokyo electric power reactor of the first nuclear power plant discards as useless carries out identity investigation. Compasses make committee decided last year at this point, will wait to carry out investigation for the object with nuclear power plant.

Identity investigation adds up to 17 projects. Besides full name and citizenship, still can affirm mental medical history, have depend on disease without alcohol. Need report criminal record and duty already one by one in addition, and need acceptance and horrible organization and gangdom to have nothing to do.

University respect declares report content through affirming with student interview. In addition the mechanism that still seeks advice from police in research. The student that does not agree with investigation although but fixed discrepancy personnel enters be accompanying together defend area, but research activity may be restricted considerably. From except of the person that use the student that other university comes round to jackaroo temporarily.

Although Japanese nuclear energy compasses makes hall official say " whether does limits of fixed discrepancy personnel cover a student to be judged by university proper motion " , but the personage points out related the university " use temporarily only will not begin research freely " . If discovery is declared phonily, the certificate of admit will be invalid, compasses make appoint give possibly still to university respect disciplinary sanction.

Province of ministry of the article that seize day divulge, kyoto university has 2, close Ji university has a research to use reactor. The whole nation has 300 or so students every year to enter course of nuclear energy domain to learn. Before blessing island nuclear accident happens, every year about 1500 students use research to use reactor.

The report points out, install times government to hold to certain level t

o use the guiding principle of nuclear power plant, at present already 5 nuclear reactor restart. The blessing island that produces an accident of the first nuclear power plant and ageing nuclear power plant discard as useless the talent that works to also need perfectness nuclear energy.

As we have learned, alleged " research uses reactor " it is the reactor that basically raises qualified personnel of nuclear energy field and basic research with Yu Pei. Use a purpose to pervade the extensive field su

ch as medical treatment, study for university and Japanese nuclear energy development orgnaization is all.

Output power under power company generate electricity with reactor. To coordinate the standard of new security of nuclear power plant of the aggrandizement after blessing island nuclear accident, all research halt use entirely with reactor. Close Ji university outputs power to use reactor for the research of 1 tile at will restarting this year in April.


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