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Beautiful intermediary: An American man is accused to deliver top-secret document to China or be sentenced capital punishment

Login register beautiful intermediary of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Is an American man accused to deliver top-secret file or: of origin of the capital punishment that be sentenced to China? Be not Nao?2017-06-23 10:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

The Kevin that beautiful intermediary announces? Maluoli's photograph

[Zhang Ao of reporter of round-the-world network coverage] report according to associated press, an United States nots auspicious Ni Yazhou's man carries ready money of sixteen thousand five hundred dollar 22 days to be arrested in baggage, he is accused to deliver top-secret document to China. Local check just says, this man or the capital punishment that be sentenced.

According to the report, be arrested is man name Kevin? Maluoli, chinese is fluent. It is him 60 years old, come from Yufujiniya state interest Si Bao, it is an independence advisory division. Maluoli is arrested at 22 days, because be suspected of disobeying emissary law to be sued, was in the United States that day confederative place court appears in court first. Does inquisitor make an appointment with writing? Gibbs says, maluoli or suffer all one's life imprison. Below certain and specific requirement, he is sentenced possibly even capital punishment.

The report says, the Maluoli on the court wears gray vest and black army athletic knickers, the requirement appoints a lawyer to accompany by the court.

According to forensic record, maluoli is a veteran, 1987 to 1990 safety of diplomacy of the State Council of Cengren United States defends bureau secret service. Rose 1990, he ever worked for many governments orgnaization and national defence contractor. Maluoli holds organic close safe license all the time, leave till 2012 related the government the branch works.

The Ceng Yu in Marlow will head for Shanghai April, because did not declare the cash of sixtee

n thousand five hundred dollar that holds in two bag, get Chicago airport custom asks O'Hare ask. The FBI also undertook asking ask to its subsequently. Maluoli admits him ever with meeting of staff of warehouse of 2 Chinese wisdom, these people give device of his special news report that is used at delivering a document, knowledge of the one's purpose in coming after him is to this two people " Chinese secret service " .

According to judicial oath content, the blame of work of policy of 2 when Maluoli expressed to deliver his to write only concerned United States is confidential " white paper " , received 25 thousand dollar for this. The report says, in the record " in square personage " still encourage Maluoli to work for the government afresh, get limits of authority in order to obtain information.

In fact, this kind of case is not in the United States happen first. Come for years " Chinese filch United States is confidential " in the report that the view appears in western media again and again, be buckled " emissary " of the cap it is foreign citizen of Chinese origin more again, often be fictitio

used to nothing by the proof again however after that. Shocked Chinese world 1999 for instance " Li Wen and case " , li Wen of scientist of foreign citizen of Chinese origin reveals nuke secret with the China that be pointed to at that time, by innocent detain 9 months. The investigation reveals no evidence after case of high aim of wheat of Chinese of beautiful 2008 book. The ginger wave case 2013, also be to end up with nothing definite so.

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