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Turkey calls issue of crisis of Qatar of sanded especially kingly refer

[Li Wenjuan of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage] according

to the United States " Washington Post " will report on June 22, turkey government says, general of Turkey president Lei Jie? Dayipu? Dust Er installed 21 days of as kingly as the Saudi Arabia Saleman and new crown prince to hold a phone to talk more. In telephone interview, both sides agrees " increase strength " the area insecurity condition related end and Qatar conflict.


in a statement that comes from dust Er to install the office more, aierduoan calls sand spy royal family at 21 days, congratulate them to appoint Mohammed? This? Sa Leman is new crown prince.

The report points out, be faced with in Qatar place " break off a friendship " in disturbance, turkey supports Qatar sturdily all the time. The soldier of deploy of base of military affairs of a Turkey that Turkey parliament is located in Qatar with intent through legislation. Osmanli NTV TV station says, a contingent that comprises by 25 soldiers will at next week 4 arrive at breath out more.


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