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Is Melbourne future what kind of? Urban construction, food is changed for meet an emergency big

In report will occupy new network on June 22 Australia network coverage, what population grows to be brought to Melbourne future quickly is economically growth not only, at the same time rapid dilate of the city also needs to be on town planning construction ready-made, even land program and dweller also will give food to supply to alimental demand bring new challenge.

Model of new 3D of building upsurge continuance extends tomorrow of horizon of Chinese ink city

A new online 3D model will reveal the appearance appearance that gives clue of Melbourne future horizon. The new move that Er of Melbourne mayor path describes this city parliament is " map of similar cereal song, just a few buildings are nonexistent still just " .

" precursory sun signs up for " 21 days of reports, the data of model of this one new 3D comes from the Development Activity Monitor of city parliament. In the meantime, this mirrors a Melbourne office to use the prosperity of ground market according to returning, in before 9 the middle of a month this year, the office area that has 90 thousand square metre construction is finished, and the annual of office area always built an area to be 6000 square metre only 2016.

In addition, this one model still will be shown already built, already obtained ex

amine and approve, the project of high buildings and large mansions in be being built or applying for.

"This one model is the scenery that from the point of the angle of windshield Melbourne did not come to, is not to pass rearview mirror. " path Er says, "Continue to travel outwards with the fame of mart as what Melbourne serves as knowledge, the upsurge of office division construction of Melbourne still will continue. The upsurge of office division construction of Melbourne still will continue..

Path Er is forecasted, business to Melbourne the demand of the ground still will increase. "The time that we still did not need 7 years to come 8 years will finish the office of 2.5 million square metre and retail space, but only 1.5 million square metre is in the plan. Although look office division to build prosperous development, but will look still be in in short supply condition from overall situation. " path Er says.

Data shows, since this year, 5300 dwellers residence already was built finish, among them majority is apartment, and still building of thirty-six thousand six hundred houses is obtained examine and approve, 183 thousand application need try.

In addition, student and the demand that the family lodges drove dweller residence to build upsurge likewise, already student of more than 30 thousand international lives in Melbourne. The rapiddest rate that the apartment of three-room flat is coming to with 5 years is being built, report gives people inside the longing that the city zone lives.

Feed with dish the distance is farther Melbourne food price or soare

Report of tomorrow of newest Melbourne town shows, gobble up precious agriculture to cultivate as the increase sharply of population and urban dilate with the ground, the food with the current Melbourne that can satisfy requirement of 41% cities food originally grows area, can satisfy the urban food requirement of 18% only 2050. Meanwhile, as demand exceeds supply reach grow farm and food dish between of the distance increase, hopeful of Melbourne alimental price soares.

Project of university of report author, Melbourne is in charge of Carey to express, melbourne municipal government must be in housing and protection a few nations are top the grain production that produce is used the choice is made between the ground.

"Unless we begin to begin what plan and protect urban periphery to cultivate afresh,use the land, otherwise we are probable more and more the food that lacks this locality to cultivate, affect prospective food price. " Carey says.

As we have learned,

carey is according to Melbourne population will achieve what 7 million person undertakes to forecast 2050, mean Melbourne to still need the additional and fresh food of 60% to satisfy urban requirement the least. Nevertheless, additionally data shows, up to the population hopeful of Melbourne reached 9 million person 2050. If so, the circumstance is met only more flooey.

As we have learned, include berry, cauliflower, asparagus and herb inside the easy decay crop of more than 90% comes from Melton, Whittlesea, Wyndham and Casey to wait for food of the city zone inside Melbourne to grow an area, and these areas all are in rapid growth.

Be located in Melbourne on the west side the Werribee South of 30 kilometers, with inadequacy agriculture of 0.02% dimension city uses the land of the ground, grew dimension administrative division the vegetable of 10% .

For this, wyndham parliament economy, innovation and fitting room sex are in charge of Luo Fei (Kate Roffey) expresses, local parliament devotes oneself to to protect agriculture to use the land all the time.


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