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Japanese gold contrabands be current: The aunt forms a delegation bandits plays the part of a police " black eat black "

Reference news net will report beautiful intermediary says on June 20, be in Japan, gold contrabands this kind of old-style crime activity honest all previous revives. Authorities says, they are trying to answer what grow with breathtaking speed to enter a country gold smuggling. Bootlegger -- a flock of professional convict and bold blame major personage -- through escape import tariff gains profit, smuggling amount is as high as millions dollar sometimes. A few years short, the number that is arrested accordingly increased 40 times unexpectedly.

According to the United States " new York Times " will report on June 19, gold smuggling causes the attention of international society, because produced the event of a series of eyeball that deprive a person one after another,be. Include among them: Bandits plays the part of a police to rob gold avowedly; The gold of by fisher and the value millions dollar that private plane carries is buckled; Still one says according to police by 66 years old housewife established smuggling gang is destroyed.

The report says, japan is one of countries of lowest of the crime rate on the world, and as population aged, its crime rate still is in drop further. But a few nonviolent crime, for instance thieve or corruption, the other crime that compares killing or armed robbery and so on all along is commonner.

The expert says, even if is to be in advocate the Japan of law and order, gold smuggling also is a kind of very inviting crime probably: It need not violent, do not have a victim besides the treasury, also do not need to let go up the person of age holds a gun.

The report says, this month, japan's mid police arres

ted 5 women of 559 years old, they are suspected of going up in the airliner that comes from Korea a near 70 pounds (about 32 kilograms) gold hides in the dress, total value

is 1.2 million dollar about.

Police says, leader be accusinged is female of 66 years old of this gang to admit, in the past such route was arranged 8 times in 3 years. Japanese criminal submits an expense account for she and her companion plane ticket is mixed the charge of the hotel, gold of every smuggling quid pays them 200 to 400 dollars recompense.

A few bootlegger can work more with great quantity buying and selling. A fisher that the month on hall of Japanese maritime security personnel weighs to its cut stops holds about 460 pounds (about 209 kilograms) gold, value is 9.1 million dollar about. In another case last year December, with group of sinister gang crime paddy plain meets related man two be arrested in an airport of Okinawa, they shed private plane to enter a country by a bay from Macao, aboard conceal 250 pounds (about 113 kilograms) gold.

Him bootlegger can be stared at to go up sometimes. Last year, in cash is being managed to change the shop way of gold business toward Home Fugangyi before two bootlegger, with the criminal lot that wears the police uniform, those people took away the case that they carry, box traditional Chinese clothes has metal bar of hundreds of pounds, value 6.9 million dollar. At going up with 6 men that this disaster case concerns the month is arrested.


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