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Civilian attune: Wen Zaiyin suffers rate of support of be a burden on of ministerial nomination person selected to fall to 75.6%

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integratedly] the report will say Han Lian company on June 19, what Realmeter of orgnaization of Korea civilian attune releases at 19 days is newest civilian attune shows as a result, because presidential Wen Zaiyin suffers the be a burden on of scandal of ministerial nomination person selected, supportive rate falls to 75.6% . Hold the support of collective the Democratic Party leads the political party to also drop subsequently, but still maintain in 50% the left and right sides.

The civilian shift that to Korea at 12-16 day 2534 constituency have shows Realmeter as a result, be in office to Wen Zaiyin the positive assessment of the state falls to 75.6% , than dropping last week 3.3%; negative opinion rises to 17.4% , rose than last week 2.7% , successive 3 weeks show ascendant trend. Answer " not clear " or the constituency that did not reply increases to 7% , rose 0.6 percent. .

Investigation shows, wen Zaiyin's support is led from the 81.6%(6 month that starts a record 9 days) hind, successive 5 investigation day drops, 16 days drop to 72.1% . Nominate in minister of Wu of 15 days of laws especially person An Jinghuan after holiday marriage scandal is exposed to the sun, supportive rate of Wen Zaiyin falls considerably.

Realmeter respect expresses, the analysis thinks, in the Foreign Minister the h

uman affairs such as Kang Jinghe appoints on, wen Zaiyin sufferred the violent attack of 3 opposition, partial proponent also follows an and his like to break.

From the point of each political party, although be in office rate of support of collective the Democratic Party fell 0.6% , but still with 53.6% firm head the list. Free Korea party leads a list with the support of 14.7% the 2nd, ever since ordinal the party that is a countryman (party of 6.8%) , justice (6.4%) and party (5.7%) . (The exercitation compiles: Liu Kun goes over a manuscript or draft: Li Xiaofei)


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