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General Beijing: Russia is not all problems to rely on a president personally " the hand uses government " will solve

According to Russian new company on June 18 message, beijing of Russia president general expresses,

all problems are not to rely on a president inside Russia personally the hand moves management to solve.

When general Beijing is accepting what NTV of Russia indepen

dence TV station connects a line about direct seeding to interview, express, a lot of people want to use this opportunity to convey me me anxious, anguish or request. This does not have the place with special what, solve oneself problem very hard on area or municipal level really occasionally what is more,the rather that. But this does not mean us to did not have relevant job in the work in the same placing of various places and municipal mechanism, it is we cannot see these jobs only, what seek a help to me after all is the person that has not solved him problem temporarily.

General Beijing still complements, major person still is in what live normally, their problem can get settlement, and this ensures by area and municipal level leader just about. Accordingly, I can not say, everything is a president personally the result that the hand moves an operation.

General Beijing is in even the line general Beijing found inside presidential tenure of office first. 2001, he undertakes connecting a line with the people for the first time, but this one hot line is not annual hold, divide outside was not being held 2012, include 2008, general Beijing held the post of in the premier 2011 inside continued this one convention. The 15th times general Beijing will have even the line on June 15, lasted to restrict 4 hours, general Beijing answered 70 many questions in all. [round-the-world net reports reporter Zhu Pei]


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