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Inferior descendants man wins medal of many 20 taekwondo or delegate bay attend the Olympic Games

In 16 report will occupy new network in June Australia network coverage, australian Melbourne 26 years old inferior Ming Cheng of descendants man Cui (Minseung Choi, transliteration) have deep love for taekwondo motion as a child, he had obtained the multinomial medal such as country and world-class now, will attend below one Olympic Games on behalf of Australia likely more.

The report says, the Cui Mingcheng that lives in Melbourne Footscray area is in on nursery school when wear dress of a suit taekwondo, he still does not know to this road can walk up after oneself at that time. This year May, contest of taekwondo of Xi Lan of Cuiming Cheng Zaixin (the individual gold that tradition and freestyle taekwondo won on New Zealand Taekwondo Open) , he also acquired champion title in the Oceania and national championship contest last year.

Current, cui Mingcheng had won many 20

medal, he not only obtained international judgment license, still receive the sports scholarship that dimension state university issues for him two years continuously.

Cui Mingcheng expresses, oneself elder brother also is player of a professional

taekwondo, parents discovers when oneself are 6 years old he also is interested in taekwondo, send him to training class exercise. Cui Mingcheng expresses, oneself hope to be able to enter the Olympic Games and world taekwondo championship contest on behalf of Australia, rise taekwondo position of Australia to a new height.


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