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Uncover secret historic " man-machine big fight " fencing command of alpha go conquer

Deep blue VS blocks Sipaluofu

1997, the deep blue super computer of American IBM company with 2 get the better of 1 suffer 3 smooth defeat the world ranks Kasipaluofu of first chess master at that time, deep blue operation ability every second but operation 200 million pace. Later, IBM rejected to block Sipaluofu again battle requested to disassemble deep blue. Although Kasipaluofu challenges computer battle to make the same score for many times later, cannot look for deep La Fuchou however, leave permanent regret.

VS5 of tide day shuttle chess is fancy Great Master

2006, tide cup in big fight of man-machine of first China chess, liu Dahua, Zhang Jiang, boundless, Xu Tiangong, Piao Fengbo fancy Great Master defeats 5 China chess finally in at hand of shuttle of day of super computer tide. This is full of Oriental wisdom sciamachy that the Chinese invents contends for a chess kind game, by be the champion of Chinese super computer.

Watson VS champion of two mankinds answering question

2011, be the same as Watson of door junior fellow apprentice bluely greatly to be in the United States program of interlocution of old brand intelligence " critical margin " in challenge two mankinds champion. Watson can retrieve millions inside 3 seconds information outputs the answer with human language, the delicate meaning in still can analysing thematic clew, sarcastic note and riddle. Watson is final and relaxed conquer two mankinds champion.

Fencing command

of alpha go VS

The program of alpha go artificial intelligence of research and development of American cereal song last year in October with 5 than fencing command of champion of go of 0 conquer Europe, this is artificial intel

ligence program is in first do not let child player of go of mankind of the conquer below the circumstance.

(original title: Historic man-machine big fight)

Outspread read: Is time of go man-machine big fight whole 2016 time of final of site of race of edition general view big fight of man-machine of 2016 centuries go will address of living broadcast of video of the 2nd bureau enter the mouth on March 10 is AlphaGo what moves? Race of man-machine big fight is regular + fight hand to hand records a data


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