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Emigrant limitation of Sudan hope United States makes won't be affected cancel pair of Sudan punish

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migrant limitation of United States of hope of Sudan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to make won't be affected cancel: of pair of Sudan punish origin? Salary  ?2017-06-28 16:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel

Earth of noise made in coughing or vomiting of Xinhua News Agency solemn on June 27 report (reporter Li Ziheng) Bo Du of A of Sudan deputy minister of foreign affairs is strapped - Jiani Nayimu expresses 27 days, after the immigrant that Telangpudi of president of hope United States gives restricts your part defrost, won't affect remove formally in July pair of Sudan punish.

Diao Haiyang of reporter of China News Service photographs " /> data to pursue: American president Telangpu. Diao Haiyang of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Na Yimu says in statement, sudan respects the United States to be the necessary measure that defends national security place to adopt, sudan government and people won't constitute any menace to American state security. The Sudan book countryman that shows without any evidence the life is in the United States makes such as force, ultraism or terroristic criminal record.

Na Yimu emphasizes, sudan and United States are maintaining clasp, be in blow area especially terroristic traffic side effect with population remarkable. He says: "The viatic ban that we hope beautiful square part is carried out won't be affected remove pair of Sudan punish, all agreements that just had reached with the United States in Sudan especially obtain substantial evolutional circumstance to fall. All agreements that just had reached with the United States in Sudan especially obtain substantial evolutional circumstance to fall..

26 days, american supreme court expresses in book of opinion of a law, emigrant limitation will be tried formally in October to make this year lawful one case, agree with what remove to be made by federal court partly instantly to freeze the court decision that emigrant limitation makes. According to book of opinion of this one law, emigrant limitation makes must not be restricted " t

he foreigner that has real concern with American churchyard individual or substance " enter the United States, but can prohibit never going to the United States temporarily and the foreigner that does not have relative, business and other concern in the United States enters the United States. This immigrant limitation makes involve 6 countries that include Sudan inside.

On January 13, american president Aobama allows to release government order to say when, inside prospective half an year, if Sudan is in,fear instead, stop to conflict in hostility of Da Erfu Er behavior, and improve the respect such as humanitarian to continue to gain headway, the partial punish that the United States will include commercial embargo inside in formal on July 12 this year cancel.

1993, the United States includes Sudan " support terroristic country " list, 1996, the United States begins to implement sanction to Sudan. "9 · 1 1 " after incident, sudan government seek improves two countries relation, but the United States insists to concern improvement to fulfil north with Sudan south " comprehensive peace agreement " reach solve link up with of problem of Da Erfu Er.

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