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Beautiful Department of Commerce is long: "232 investigation " or your beauty is challenged by legal lawsuit

Washington of Xinhua News Agency on June 19 report (Jiang Yujuan of reporter make friends with a man of higher position) Ross of minister of American business affairs expresses 19 days, if American government is aimed at what the foreign country imports iron and steel and aluminous product " 232 investigation " bring about American president finally to give orders to limit relevant import, the United States can be in probably home or challenge of lawsuit of WTO experience law.

Ross was attended that day " choice United States " when after the peak is met, investment accepted a reporter to interview 2017, say, telangpu the government will concern import iron and steel and aluminous product at be being announced by June " 232 investigation " the report of the result. He points out, if the government is based on Telangpu,report conclusion makes limitation to product entrance, the United States can be in probably home or challenge of lawsuit of WTO experience law, telangpu the government is very clear to this.

Basis " commerce is patulous 1962 law " the 232nd clause, american Department of Commerce in April the last ten-day of a month announces pair of entrances to whether iron and steel and aluminous product browbeat and damage American state security to start investigation. If American Department of Commerce refers a report to import security of state of minatory United States certainly to the president, american president will have 90 days of time to decide to whether employ 232 clauses compulsive accredit, to the product the entrance is made adjust or take other blame trade relevant measure.

The data of industry of American Department of Commerce and security bureau shows, since WTO held water 1995, american government has been started twice only " 232 investigation " , it is respectively 1999 with 2001, american Department of Commerce all did not suggest the president adopts punish measure to be made to the entrance at that time adjust.

The near future, wait for the iron and steel that is a delegate to consume an industry to object American government using in succession with Manufacturers Association of equipment of committee of policy of car of board of countrywide for

eign trade, United States, United States " 232 clauses " entrance of product of iron and steel of extensive limitation foreign country, think to make the interest that can harm American broad iron and steel to consume an industry not only, international competition ability that weakens American manufacturing industry so, also can bring about the commerce of other country makes reprisals.

Speak of North America from trade agreement renegotiate, ross expresses, considering Mexico next year will hold presidential election and parliamentary election, the United States also will hold congress metaphase election at next year autumn, the North America that finish the good time window from trade agreement renegotiate is this year bottom, but whether realize this one target to still have doubt.

Speak of " choice United States " investment peak is met, ross says, the number that joins to invest a peak to meet this year reachs about 2800 people, was 2013 scale is the largest since the peak can establish. He points out, the ginseng of Chinese company mission is met this year dimensions also has apparent growth, join conference representing to achieve 155. He still expresses, since 2013, the enterprise delegate that attends a peak to meet already announced to increase investment of about 20.6 billion dollar in the beauty.

Government of

abstruse Ba Ma was rolled out 2011 " choice United States " plan, held first 2013 " choice United States " investment peak is met. The peak this year will come 20 days to be held in the Maryland city near capital Washington on June 18.


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