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Japan " add Ceng Libei grave " be decided to be a country first extraordinary history is vestigial

Will report on June 18 according to Japanese NHK TV station, the midden that 1000 foliaceous city of Japanese discovered to this day of times of Japanese rope language is the biggest recently ad

ds Cengli midden, also be decided to be a country first extraordinary history is vestigial.

Be located in what 1000 leaves city is like foliaceous area to add Cengli midden, it is to be in before 5000 in the stringy language times to the front of 3000 later period, the shell that has taken by the person is accumulated and become.

What can find the housing of perpendicular acupuncture point previously and mausoleum in midden is vestigial, the midden dimensions of such concentration says in Japanese can the biggest. In addition, still found the remains of crockery and animal in midden, also include the character of the dog that buries carefully among them. This specification is in at that time, the relationship of person and dog is very close.

Add Ceng Libei grave from Japan bright treat a times to begin to disentomb investigation. 1955 later period, it is chance in order to build residential plan,

the citizen developed the protective activity of bury culture belongings. This activity got Japanese culture discusses the positive assessment of the meeting.

From 2000 of blueness dark city 3 inside bolus hill is vestigial since waiting to be appointed to be special historical sites, first time of the midden after 17 years are being lain between when serves as special historical sites selected.

Mayor of 1000 leaves city expresses: This will become Japanese pride. (The exercitation compiles: Dong Shubo goes over a manuscript or draft: Wang Huan)


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