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Turkey says to already carried 5000 tons of provision to Qatar

Nihatezeyibeikeji of Turkey economy minister says 17 days, turkey already broke off a friendship to experience the Qatar of the crisis carries 5000 tons of provision.

Zeyibeikeji was in Istanbul that day say on one TV program, from Qatar 5 days of experience break off a friendship this month after the crisis and block, tu

rkey dispatchs 71 sortie plane carried 5000 tons of provision to Qatar, will begin to carry provision through sea direction Qatar on the weekend originally oneself. He expresses: Turkey can provide all humanitarian demand to Qatar.

When Turkey president Aierduoan is the same as day to attend earthy exporter meeting in Istanbul, ap

peal in Moslem the month of fast ends again (this month 24 days) before solve Qatar to break off a friendship disturbance. He says, turkey premier and minister of foreign affairs are the same as relevant parties to contact, seek the way that settles dispute hard.

5 days rise this month, the country such as chief of a tribe of couplet of Bahrain, sand spy, A and Egypt supports terroristic activity with Qatar and destroy area security bureau for situation, announce the foreign relations of discontinuity and Qatar in succession, implement a series of punish measure to Qatar. (Reporter Yi Aijun)


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