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How is AlphaGo what moves? Race of man-machine big fight is regular + fight hand to hand records a data

Login how is registering AlphaGo of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian what moves? Is race of man-machine big fight regular + does fight hand to hand record data sources: ? ?2016-03-09 16:2 of She Fei KanEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

How is AlphaGo what moves? Race of man-machine big fight is regular + fight hand to hand records a data. Computer of person head VS, big fight shortly, serve as the mankind you, must know the following things.

Outspread read: Why is century man-machine big fight go is opposite a bilateral data + exposure of member of group of AlphaGo of odd souvenir of flow of late banquet of big to battle meaning man-machine fight (group plan) man-machine is big outcome of battle head battle: Plum world Shi Zhongpan admits defeat man-machine of changeover of alpha wonderful foresight is big battle head station has idea of what stock artificial intelligence be benefited general view video: Whole journey of press conference of big fight of go of century of Li Shishi man-machine reviews

Once, deep blue the ball pays close attention to as big as chess man-machine of Kasipaluofu Zhan Lingquan, the mankind is beaten by AI in chess domain. In east, this old riddle does not have go from beginning to end by AI breach, the go of alpha of software of new computer go till cereal song research and development (AlphaGo) European champion fencing standard of a commander was defeated last year. Today midday at 12 o'clock, alphaGo will challenge Li Shishi, perform the most powerful mental right definitely. Computer of person head VS, big fight shortly, serve as the mankind you, must know the following things.

What is competition regulation?

The man-machine big fight of 1 million dollar

The mankind exceeds top-ranking Great Master to be opposite a powerful AI, the match is in Korea head Er undertakes. Both sides is in on March 9, 10 days, 12 days, 13 days, 15 days have 5 bureaus competition in all, triumph just wins money award of 1 million dollar. The match adopts Chinese regulation, black stick 3 3/4 child (black stick 7 eye half) . Both sides has the layout time of two hours each, of 3 60 seconds read a second.

What is AlphaGo?

First beat the AI of professional go hand

Last year October, alphaGo was in the artificial intelligence that facial book develops to undertake with European champion fencing command 5 dishes are opposite definitely, of the match every are when using square 1 hour, 1 minute reads a second, and fence command does not let child (once chess player of the mankind when man-machine defies should let child) , final, fencing command with 0: 5 lose, the computer go software that alpha go makes chess player of first conquer profession.

How does AlphaGo move?

Deepness learns the way of human Great Master

The man-machine antagonism in chess domain already by common people hep, but differ completely in go respect.

Be in mostly chess kind in game, the computer can carry the kind that force enumerates, figure gives the plan of all get victory. In chess, average every bout has 35 to plant likelihood, a dish of chess can have 80 bouts. But every bout has go 250 kinds likelihood, a dish of chess can is as long as 150 bouts, the permutation on chessboard combines the primitive atom in comparing the universe much still.

But AlphaGo is not the AI that adopts violent figure, group of research and development joined politic network and value network for its, let software single out the plan that has an outlook relatively to have consideration according to chessboard situation. In other words, let software think like the mankind namely. More terrible is, politic network can imitate play chess of human Great Master, the mankind can play 1000 bureaus one year probably, but the machine can play millions bureau one day, this still guards estimation. Group of research and development shows.

Does Li Shishi have pressure?

Unprecedented competition

I can become the winner of 5 matches for certain. Regard go as the world exceed top-ranking Great Master, li Shishi is consistent confidence is dye-in-the-wood. Go up in the news briefing before contest yesterday, he expresses himself from receive invited decision accept a challenge to be used only be less than 5 minutes.

Li Shishi admits, this is unprecedented competition: Normally, you can experience the breath of adversary, watch their reaction, but antagonism machine, you cannot so did. To this match, the Li Shishi that gives fight on behalf of the mankind is very discreet, although he thinks it is inevitable that artificial intelligence beats us, but he also expresses, if oneself fail, may cause an effect to the popularity of go.

For triumph, of Li Shishi prepare for war very attentively: What face previously is a person, can undertake a lot of preparation from chess manual, but it is this impossible. Can mix in cerebral him sea mile only so him match, undertake such training everyday above of at least 2 hours.

Public figure of group of science and technology how look upon?

AI this match a stratagem which ensures success is not great, but be sure to win victory in the future

Who does wh whoever get the better of this to lose, it is human victory actually. On the news briefing before contest, schmidt of cereal song president expresses.

To this big fight, the controller of research and development of AlphaGo breaths out Sabisi accepting what there is people when interviewing to be not valued, the odds that they think we win victory has 5% only our systematic progress is very rapid, at this o'clock they did not realize. It is when our talk, it is progressing.

Home, innovation workshop president holds CEO Li Kaifu concurrently to think a stratagem which ensures success of AlphaGo is not great, but in the future, AI is sure to win victory, if which are innocent,the machine defeated go champion of the mankind, this is sure to achieve a higher administrative levels on behalf of artificial intelligence. Author of horizontal robot technology holds CEO Yu Kai concurrently to think: My individual straight impressions becomes aware Gu Ge AI can win, but as to a few forecast than a few get victory very hard. As long as time is enough long, the computer can promote his actual strength indefinitely.

How is chess bound ace forecasted?

Nie Weiping: Do not believe computer to be able to win a person not to believe computer to be able to win a person, nie Weiping's point of view is very clear, represented the point of view with go current group basically also. Nie often thinks, the judgement of AI is his dead acupuncture point: Go needs very powerful eye, and artificial intelligence still lacks judgement at present.

Nie protects smooth complacent child ancient power, also stand in human triumph at the same time, AI wins Li Shishi this year the possibility o

f 1% is done not have, nevertheless he also represents the maturity as science and technology, a lot of difficult problem can be readily solved. While clean of chess group new fighting spirit stalking or branch highly praises AlphaGo, think Li Shishi triumph does not have be concerned about: This, beautiful knife and Li Shishi issue million of cereal song offer a reward, can say Li Shishi luck is too good only. With the actual strength of present computer, the possibility of stone of conquer plum world is less than 5% .

Probably at present the most authoritative, it is pair of Kasipaluofu of an AI two, he states sheet considers this ready for fight, the mankind is in an advantage, but he says or state with certainty prospective artificial intelligence will be stronger: Chess machine arrives from weak condition powerful, such leap spent ten years only. Go, your time is not much.

How is future met?

Can AI browbeat the mankind?

In the article of BBC, match feeling resembles the match that is future of a contention. Really, after a rich that can be record in human annals weichis, what is those who await us?

Controller of group of research and development breaths out Sa to compare Si Tan character: Final, we want to go to these technical application in real world. We hope one day, they can be outspread wider, the help solves the most pressing society problem, diagnose environmental model from medicine.

" new York Times " senior correspondent, best seller " with the robot in all dance " author the absolutely proponent that Maerkefu is AlphaGo, but he also expresses

, although final AI wins victory, ability and computational ability exceed the programming that also can prove the mankind only strong, can not explain AI already surmounted the mankind.

When work of a lot of science fiction conveyed pair of AI to develop certain level be anxious. Maerkefu admits, if AI grows a certain rate, its counterpoise independently, make the decision of kill for example, can browbeat really the mankind, but he thinks, AI won't erupt in instant of a certain time, express to be in next in a few years, the development of AI will be successive.

Our newspaper reporter wraps pacify

Li Shishi self-confidence can win victory finally.


Man-machine big fight

Record of fight hand to hand

1996, champion of chess of world of difficult blue challenge adds the computer of IBM Likasipaluofu, the mankind is gotten the better of;

1997, deep blue challenge Kasipaluofu once more, AI is gotten the better of;

2006, in tide cup in big fight of man-machine of first China chess, 5 Chinese chess fancy masters that include Liu Dahua inside not enemy shuttle of day of super computer tide;

2011, watson of artificial intelligence system is in with the breakthrough of the many domains such as search of Natural Language Processing, information, inference intellective interlocution program " critical margin " in conquer mankind;

In October 2015, the AlphaGo program that group of Gu Ge DeepMind develops is being divided fencing command of European go champion is challenged below the circumstance of fair play a game first 2 paragraphs, alphaGo5 bureau is gotten the better of completely. (origin: Chongqing morning paper)

(original title: The thing that about man-machine big fight you must know (graph) )

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