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Several refugees are stranded flower intermediary calls Greek border land this one area " easy erupt conflict "

On March 7, by the refugee problem that European Union and Turkey play special summit is met will hold in Brussels. Right now, 13 thousand refugees are squeezed in wholesome condition not of beautiful Greek go up with Ma Jidu border.

Greek was flooded, emigrant tide lets Greek have too many visitors or business to deal with. European Union official ever expressed so. Greek suffer from answers refugee crisis. According to the BBC (BBC) will report on March 6, a governor appeals Greek north authorities, standing by Macedonian border area to carry out critical condition.

Emigrant classics sea route is entered illegally Greek

Be located in Greek the small town with Ma Jidu border land Yiduomeini (the another terminal that Idomeni) at present became the refugee.

According to England " daily Post " the message before this, in Yiduomeini's field, bestrewed sluggish to leave the tent of the refugee. At present already many 30 thousand refugee is in tiredly Greek, having 1/3 about among them is in Yiduomeini. Group of a few support is reported already call here food and tent inadequacy.

According to the BBC (BBC) 6 days of reports, those who be located in Greek north is medium Qiqikesidasi represents senior officer of Ma Jidu district, stop to had grown to have 13 thousand person at least in the emigrant number of border area.

He appeals authorities is standing by Macedonian

border area to carry out critical condition. Greek media reports, if carry out critical condition, can faster undertake helping working mixing carrying goods and materials.

Some earlier moment, afulamopuluosi represents official of general affairs of European Union immigrant, emigrant crisis aggravate, greek and faint answer, the European Union is other the country needs to give assist. He says, greek was flooded, emigrant tide lets Greek have too many visitors or business to deal with.

Since European refugee crisis happens, by is Greek wait for Balkan area country to till boreal Europe country already made a the refugee is migratory main line,arrive at Germany.

" daily Post " express, enter a country as a result of Austria and restriction of state of the Balkan peninsula refugee amount, numerous refugee is in tiredly Greek with Ma Jidu border land. Greek government is warned, to April, the number may increase amount to 70 thousand person.

BBC expresses, most immigrant is from Turkey classics sea route is entered illegally Greek, their destination is the country of other European Union of northern part.

But, the country such as Ma Jidu is in border land is erect remove abatis crawl, prevent the refugee to enter, cause border land a large number of refugees stop. " daily Post " say, this makes this one area is become easy erupt the danger zone of conflict, it is the most large-scale since European World War II stop picture.

Already 125 thousand person reachs Greek shore this year, the number that compares before 2015 3 months increased near 12 times. A lot of people escape Syria, Iraq and Afghan chaos caused by war.

European Union support is Greek answer refugee crisis

Answer refugee crisis in Greek suffer from when, germany of European elder brother sends a word. According to Germany " focus " weekly report, german premier Mokeer with respect to refugee problem to Greek apply pressure, the demand is Greek and sudden solve refugee accommodation problem.

Mokeer to

" weekday picture signs up for " express, greek and original bed of accommodation of 50 thousand refugee should be solved by last year. Now, greek must solve rapidly default a problem. Mokeer still emphasizes saying, default a problem to solve bed, the support of each country of Greek need European Union.

Weekday of German broadcast broadcasting station reports, interior minister Demeiqiai expresses, greek although encountered difficulty, but it is the difficulty that can resolve. Demeiqiai points out at the same time, wave the policy of discharged already became the past. Germany won't be received again stop Greek refugee.

In view of Mokeer to Greek apply pressure, cacique of alliance of German radical company Zeerhuofu thinks, refugee policy of Mokeer already produced change. Zeerhuofu is the anti of policy of refugee of silent gram Er. He maintains set refugee upper limit and firm Germany border land, but overcome Er for many times to refuse by silent.

Tusike of chairman of Council of Europe ever will express on March 3, european Union support is Greek answer increasingly severe refugee crisis, and the spirit that the unilateral action that a few countries of European take is destroying European Union collaboration to solve a problem.

Tusike is in 3 days the combination that after talking with Greek premier Qipulasi, holds says on the news conference: We won't abandon Greek. The decision was in the European Union to did not come 3 years recently indrawn and Greek wait for member country appropriate 700 million euro, help them improve refugee life condition.

Tusike still appeals economy emigrates to risking life danger to span Europe comes before Aegean, appeal these people do not believe population bootlegger.

Qipulasi reiterates, greek will do his best to provide a help to the refugee, at the same time country of associate of requirement European Union offers more help to build the refugee to recieve a center. He appeals all Europe country to answer to find a place for through participating in the refugee to transfer the plan will partake pressure.


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