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Experience of the president before Brazil washs money to take bribes to be checked ever guided millions person to take off deficient

The sound that occupies China " global Chinese network " report, lu La of Louis of the president before Brazil amounts to Xi Er to because be suspected of washing,cover with tiles money is mixed take bribes, be taken away to assist investigation by federal police, police thinks, lu La is case of corruption of Brazilian Petroleum Company is medium the mainest one of person that be benefited.

According to China International broadcast broadcasting station is stationed in Brazilian reporter Ceng Yun to introduce, local time 4, brazilian federal police initiates anti-corruption the 24th round to investigate the operation that wash a car, personnel of more than 200 investigation is mixed in holy Paul, Riode Janeiro 3 cities combine Bayiya the action, 40 more than person is ransacked to arrest by police perhaps take away assistance to investigate, include Lu La of the president before Brazil among them, the others also is Lu La's relative and friend for the most part. That day early morning, police assault the residence that Lu La is located in holy Paul, undertake ransacking, the son law that took away Lu La and him subsequently amounts to Xierwa than abstruse Lu La, police still ransacked the abode of Lu La's son, and took away main and responsible Lu La external the chief that contact and Lu of cooperative matters concerned help association. Nevertheless, considering the identity of the president before Lu La, police did not take him to the federal police headquarters inside holy Paul city to undertake detain, and find a place for him temporarily the Kong Ge inside city police station of Ni Yasi airport.

Police expresses, already evidence makes clear, the three-layer that Lu La accepted the one place of entrepreneur bribery to be located in holy Paul outskirts of a city goes vacationing villatic, he returns what get the enterprise is presented likely to enter into an election contest political cash, but Lu La refutes the industry that says this villa is a friend, oneself just had looked around. But police still points out at the same time, presidential Lu is pulled before to Brazilian country person selected of layer of Petroleum Company management has ultimate responsib

ility, also be the person basically be benefited of case of corruption of Brazilian Petroleum Company.

Lu La was gone to by police belt police station of airport of aperture dagger Ni Yasi, waited for probably 3 hours accept an inquiry, he is in later the labor party headquarters that is located in holy Paul downtown holds a press

conference. Lu La expresses to the behavior of the judicial department critically, he says he resembles convict be accepted investigation euqally by constabulary belt today, it is oneself had governed this country without Rangluosaifu, he still states he never rejects give evidence, police should not have such coercive action. And if the person of judiciary needs to spread out hold court to him, want to send one paper document to him only, he can attend a hearing certainly.

Lu La is the political adviser that currently holds the post ofBrazilian president Luosaifu, lu La is taken away by police likelihood be thinkinged gives Brazil current political situation bring change. It is reported, after Lu La is taken away by police, government of husband of collect a place of strategic importance holds urgent meeting, this matter was to cause a society more queasy. Lu La's proponent protests around the airport police acts, holding to Lu La is innocent, and Lu La anti gathers around the airport, undertake condemn to him.

Lu La is initiator of Brazilian labor party, once held the position of two presidents, succession person currently hold the post ofpresidential Luosaifu namely. Lu La is in during be in office, brazilian economy grows quickly, millions person breaks away from poverty, he also gets accordingly the wide support of Brazilian the working class. But since the corrupt scandal that concerns him after be being announced, social prestige suffer a disastrous decline.

In March 2014, media announces Brazilian Petroleum Company to be in charge of a collective corruption high, empty of Cheng of the contractor outside using carries quote, receive bribery, send personage of existing political circles to recommend contractor to Brazilian Petroleum Company again subsequently, and from which collection benefit expenses. For this, the judiciary launched the investigation that the name acts to wash a car, what this case affects is big in Brazil it is infrequent, at present already about a hundred entrepreneur, politician is detained.

Newest data shows, brazilian economy is atrophic 2015 3.8% , be will 25 years behave a the poorest year. And Brazilian government finance already appeared two years continuously deficit, orgnaization of grade of 3 big international already fell Brazilian dominion grade to rubbish class.

Confront economic stagnation and oil corruption scandal, currently hold the post ofpresidential Luosaifu to be immersed in be in office predicament. Last year in August, presidential Lula announces before, he the political front with return intense progress of a battle, condition of temporary lodging during a trip of the successor that guards him, eye currently holds the post ofpresidential Luosaifu hardly. Did not think of Lu La is returned not return political field, 4 are taken away to investigate by police this month, can this to Brazilian the current political situation character bring an influence after all?

Wu Guoping analysis weighs institute of place of Latin America of courtyard of Chinese company division, currently hold the post ofa president to be immersed in difficult condition, also have person for political crisis. Can count on Lu La to come out to clear away remaining pieces originally, lu pulls a problem to come out, to be in office the party is very serious blow, bring about Brazilian politics existing state of affairs more austere. The 2nd, involve Brazil each political parties and the rich play chess of each interest groups. Someone says opposition or other politics force uses the corrupt issue of Brazilian Petroleum Company, be in office to currently holding the post ofthe party has a challenge. Also somebody thinks, the corruption of Brazilian Petroleum Company really drag in arrives present hold political party, will tell from this angle, brazilian Lu plays incident may be one of fuse merely.

Nearly two years, economic growth is lack of power it is global common fault, wu Guoping also expresses, brazilian left wing is in office the dilemma that party place faces cannot break away from old structure of area and world. He thinks, how is Brazilian labor party answered at present, it is an issue that needs straight range. Arrived 2011 now, global economy produced a few new change, especially the price of a few raw product drops continuously. Data shows, near 1.5 million right-and-left person became unemployed man one year in the past, brazilian economy becomes nearly 25 years to come again the poorest, produce an effect to the society directly. And be in office the government is not taken issue body measure to answer. Will tell from another level, each country is in political also have a few hard injuries, structural adjustment progress is adverse, cause national occurrence problem. Be in office from Argentina the party is in lose in general election recently be in office the position begins, spread to Latin America area gradually the country that other left wing is in office. From the point of now, the left wing of area of whole Latin America is in office the country is facing a very severe problem.


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