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Mozambique discovers plane debris azimuth and conform to of MH370 seaborne model

Login register Mozambique of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discover: of plane debris azimuth and origin of conform to of MH370 seaborne model? Asinine hub?2016-03-04 10:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel [summary] " I never had wanted to be able to discover a such things here, this kind of feeling resembles daydreaming simply. This kind of feeling resembles daydreaming simply..

According to report of Xinhua News Agency Australian infrastructure and area develop ministerial Dalunqiesite 3 days to say, the site that discovers wreckage in Mozambique and the debris that to search Malaysia airline compose of 370 planes place builds are seaborne model photograph be identical. Next, this debris will be sent toward Australia, hand in by bay, official of equestrian two countries and international major personage make further investigation.

3 days, director of management board of Mozambique civil aviaton shows plane wing tag on the press conference. Hair of Xinhua News Agency

The wreckage that discovers in Mozambique will be sent toward Australian investigation

Debris belongs to synthetic material

Broadcasting Corporation of American whole nation (NBC) most expose to the sun first the information that gives American tourist

to be in the coast to discover wreckage in Mozambique of country of African southeast ministry. The word of United States of this media cite, Malaysia and Australian investigati

on personnel says, they think after the picture that has seen this debris, it may be an envelope of plane stabilizer.

Stabilizer abbreviation averages remaining part, it is the one part of empennage, the stability in basically be being used at maintaining a plane to be in to fly and the flight attitude that control an airplane.

Network of news of American cable television (CNN)3 daily path, the American name that discovers wreckage is Bulaienjibusen. MH370 plane is missing nearly two years to come, this lawyer that comes from Xiyatu pays close attention to this closely all the time to wear the pertinent information of the plane. In the meantime, he or independence search a of MH370 plane organization, try to unscramble relevant data to find this to wear the whereabouts of the plane through proper motion analysis.

Last weekend, gibson chartered a ship, the debris that was in coastal accident to discover this is rushed to go up to alluvion in Mozambique with shipowner. I never had wanted to be able to discover a such things here, this kind of feeling resembles daydreaming simply.

If director of management board of Mozambique civil aviaton holds Deabuleiwu high to confirm, gibson will fall debris in hand of officer of this one orgnaization on Feburary 29, before he says himself two days, in one place beach takes a walk, building Lu Adao originally this wreckage discovered on an alluvion around.

Press Deabuleiwu's view, this gray debris belongs to synthetic material, about 90 centimeters long, about 57 centimeters wide.

Evidence search range is correct

To the wreckage that discovers in Mozambique, liao Zhonglai of Malaysia transportation head of a department is being pushed 2 days late special dispatch says, according to preliminary report, this debris comes from a Boeing very likely 777 planes.

Malaysia the Ministry of Communication grows Liao Zhonglai 3 days to express in kuala lumpur, the doubt that newest discovery checks toward Mozambique before Ma Fang will appoint a working group is like MH370 plane relic. Liao Zhonglai says, the working group will be comprised by the personnel of Malaysia civil aviation bureau, airline and accident board of inquiry. He says, relic will be sent toward Australia to undertake examining.

3 days, australian infrastructure and Chester of area development minister make a statement say, the discovery of newest debris place and Australia carry the security bureau the tally of seaborne model photograph that to search Ma Hang 370 planes place has done, this also again evidence to MH370 plane search for limits to ought to be locked up be in surely south maritime space of the indian ocean.

Chester says, debris general is sent very quickly toward Australia, accept bay, the further investigation of official of equestrian two countries and international major personage.

Last year July, law of the indian ocean belongs to Reunion island to appear a mysterious plane debris, doubt is like come from MH370 plane. At that time, investigation personnel maintains that one debris to be aileron of front of a garment, be located in Boeing the tailing edge of 777 planes wing.

To the seaborne way with MH370 plane possible debris, the member before country of aviation safety expert, United States carries safe committee writings brush Ge Liya thinks before about, according to the trend of ocean current of the indian ocean, after the plane is missing, floating debris may reach shore of African the East China Sea finally, this also is the area that Reunion island is in.

According to this one judgement of Ge Liya, because discover the Mozambique of debris and Reunion island are congeneric this bank of African the East China Sea, if belong to area to go up from place only,conclude, debris comes from the possibility of MH370 plane to give how one minute probably. A few experts also make farther hypothesis, they think, if decide these two debris all belong to MH370 plane finally, so search for the job to will obtain major breakthrough, offer for plane crash the cogentest with strong evidence, to make clear at the same time plane accident cause provides direct clue.

(original title: New debris or belong to plane stabilizer position and conform to of MH370 seaborne model)

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