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Buffett sends partner to believe doubt dark approve Telangpu: Not try to please the public with claptrap

Wolunbafeite announces American billionaire 27 days write Baikexier - the year correspondence of shareholder of company of haing Sa Wei, admonitory nowadays a few presidents enter into an election contest the person is sung decline the viewpoint of American economy is full of prunes, the purpose is to give his administration program gild only.

Admonish enter into an election contest person not try to please the public with claptrap

Buffett is the United States " Forbes " the magazine is judged those who go out 2015 the whole world the 3rd millionaire, body home amounts to 62.1 billion dollar. About 80 accessary orgnaizations below Wei company division and holding company involve the Baikexierhasa of its in control of the business such as safe, railroad, dress, furniture and gem, investment field is extensive. An epitome that the outstanding achievement that Bai Kexi Er with a ha drops Wei company behaves economy of the United States that be regarded by a few personages, buffett sends partner every year to believe also by embrace wholesale not less to have the honor to read.

This year in sending partner to believe, president of the Democratic Party of already public support enters into an election contest the Buffett that person Hillary overcomes Lin Du also begins to comment on case pick fight, the republic party that calls economy of empty United States with obscure means criticism enters into an election contest person.

This is an election year, candidate people the problem that keeps saying our state, of course, only themselves can be solved, buffett says in the letter, many American think their child lives so that be inferior to his now in one's childhood, this is full of prunes.

Buffett says, in the past 200 come for years, doing empty United States is a terrible mistake all the time, now also is not when beginning.

Reuter is unscrambled, this word points to Buffett apparently republic party is popular enter into an election contest person Tangnadetelangpu. The near future, telangpu looks ceaselessly decline the United States, say American economy has apparent bubble.

Hold an IBM float to have hope as before fortunately

Baikexier - company of haing Sa Wei is the biggest belongings that the whole world is aimed at natural disaster risk one of insurance business.

Buffett still is in the letter say, climate change is a big question to the earth, but be absent Baikexier - on the anxious list of company of haing Sa Wei. Buffett states to the gain of the company ability has hope, attack of the disastrous network that claims to only one is aimed at the United States, nucleus, biochemistry just can give a company bring

apparent and abiding danger.

Buffett begins denounce a few years ago about a hundred 100 million dollars are gigantic endowment buy an IBM (IBM) stock. President of republic party of root United States participates a person Telangpu oppugns American economic atmosphere.

Telangpu says, if he wins out in big on November 8 pitch on, economy will be one of the most formidable tasks that after he assumes office, face, still have Yi nucleus agreement in addition.

This is very formidable task, we are deep-set predicament, this country a complete mess. Telangpu is in ABC (ABC) " good morning United States " the program says. (economy) in be immersed in bubble, his say, say candidly, if bubble wants crack, I hope to happen before I become a president, because I do not think,accede all t

hese. I hope more (bubble burst) happen in (I am elected) before, is not later.

Growth of obtain employment of near future United States is driving, and newest government data shows on the low that American unemployment rate holds the month to come firmly partly at 7 years 5% . American economy is growing with restricting the speed of 2% , but manufacturing industry and industrial department present exhausted potential.

(original title: Buffett sends shareholder the letter is dark approve Telangpu (graph) )


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