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Hillary is gotten the better of greatly south primary election blocking a city approves Telangpu border land builds wall opinion on public affairs

Washington of China News Service will block Luolaina south electric United States on Feburary 27 result of primary election of city the Democratic Party is announced 27 days local time, hillary of Secretary of State overcomes Lin Du to get the better of

Fomengte greatly before city federal is senatorial Sangdesi, expand to precede within the party further advantage. She is in get the better of in choosing a speech, enter into an election contest to republic party the opinion on public affairs that person spy Lang Pusheng weighs to want condition of Mo Bian is in the beauty to build a wall undertook do not call-overing critical.

In south block Luo Laina city 79% already in statistical vote, hillary achieves the rate getting a bill of 74% , sang Desi gets her only competitors the ticket is led only 26% . The Hillary before this already obtained Ai Ao made of baked clay city and Nevada the primary election of two stations wins, but Yusangdesi is defeated in primary election of city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth.

Card collect comes to accept city south is the city that American south hinterland holds primary election the first times. Media of most United States thinks, the crucial factor that Hillary gets the better of greatly in this city depended on winning the support of African descendants constituency. Place exports civilian attune to show, the African descendants constituency of 87% sends the bill to Hillary.

In that evening get the better of in choosing a speech, hillary does not call-over criticized what Telangpudi goes out to let what the United States becomes great afresh enter into an election contest catchword and the opinion on public affairs that want condition of Mo Bian is in the beauty to build a wall. She says, the United States need not become great afresh, never stop because of the United States great, the United States also need not build a wall, and need

to do away with an obstacle, create equality and opportunity.

Sang Desi expresses that evening, enter into an election contest just just begin, he will continue in complete beauty revolution of careless root politics, win a vote of another city.

Sang Desi also points to spearhead Telangpu, state constituency won't allow to break up by Telangpu the United States. He expresses, oneself are helpful for creation all American, and rather than be the sound economy that the richest 1% population serve.

The United States will greet super Tuesday on March 1, at the appointed time the the Democratic Party will hold primary election at the same time in 11 cities, at present the popular wishes support of 6 cities leads Sang Desi amid to lag behind considerably Hillary, choose affection to not allow hopeful.


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