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England because a husband is unemployed disclose of the kitchen knife that be taken by newly-married wife is dead

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to England " daily telecommunications signs up for " will report on Feburary 23, a murder that tried in British court recently lets a person sob unceasingly. A newly-married wife died with kitchen knife disclose oneself husband, the reason is the job that the husband lost an attorney.

According to the report, the Shalunaidehuaci that is 42 years old once very happy become wife of Edward at present, but because murder criminal attorney Davy of 51 years old,Edward thises and sued recently however. The court understands, gentleman of Edward at present ever was the victim of domestic force. When case hair, this just goes vacationing from Spain to husband and wife return, in returning British Xi Lan to open X

ia Jun's home.

It is reported, this pair of husband and wife married in Las Vegas on

June 28, 2015. Marriage hind is not worth 2 months, gentleman of Edward at present dies unfortunately. Shalunaidehuaci is ferial aggressive is rampant, envious by nature, ever hit the man during brief marriage. Edward at present ever expressed before one's death, ground of meeting firm firm hits his wife him, hit him even.

(original title: Wife of marital unemployment newly-married takes kitchen knife to die its disclose)


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