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NASA discovers the biggest satellite ever had Pluto subterranean ocean already froze now

Login register NASA of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discover the biggest satellite ever had Pluto does

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Pluto is the biggest defend Xing Kailun to may have underground to put ocean on the ice.

Stage intermediary says, of NASA nobody are measured especially implement new view date was flown across 2015 Pluto is the as biggest as its defend Xing Kailun (Charon) when, took a group of precious pictures, the scientist studies this approves a photograph, think triumphant human relations once had had subterranean ocean very likely, froze now nevertheless.

According to newspaper of the electron when Taiwan is medium the report of cite Astronomy Magazine will say on Feburary 21, in the picture that place of new view date takes, can see triumphant human relations above have the different the general configuration of the earth's surface such as Ji of fault, hill, cliff, gorge, this showed triumphant human relations there ever was a the earth's crust in the past outspread, bring about the earth's surface to rupture.

The gorge of researcher place have sth in mind is called halcyon gorge (Serenity Chasma) , it is Kailunchi of broad gorge among them partially, be as long as 1800 kilometers, height achieves 7500 meters. In fact, this gorge also is the gorge with the biggest discovery of the place in whole solar system, than below, american big gorge has 446 kilometers to grow only, height also has 1600 meters only.

Consider to show, triumphant human relations outer it is composition of You Shuibing place originally, nevertheless this puts the heat energy place that is produced by institute of its internal disintegration of radioactive series material on the ice to melt, temperature lets outer ice melt, make current enters the earth's surface, form subterranean ocean. Spend as Kailunwen nevertheless fall, subterranean ocean writtens guarantee gradually aspic, the earth's surface also

squashs while bulk greatens accordingly, cause us what see the general configuration of the earth's surface now.

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