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"Procuress of Washington number one " the lawyer is about to publish list of go whoring guest or affect beautiful general election

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " procuress of Washington number one " the lawyer is about to publish list of go whoring guest or affect: of origin of beautiful general election? Be not Nao?2016-02-04 10:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel [summary] once list is announced,he says, will undertake to be in general election produced an effect 2016.

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] will report on Feburary 4 according to American Chinese net, since there was Washington 2008 bawdy (of D.C.Madam) say, offer technically for Washington politician walk the street the advanced and bawdy Paerfuli of the service (after DeborahJeanePalfrey) is discovered bizarre in Buddha city home hang oneself dies, who having ever was her client made a secret. Recently, paerfuli the delegate lawyer Xibuli before this (MontgomeryBlairSibley) expresses, he wants to publish list of go whoring guest, once list is announced,say, will undertake to be in general election produced an effect 2016.

Paerfuli (left) with its lawyer Xibuli (right) together.

The report says, xibuli was 2008 Paerfuli is managed advanced walk the street group the delegate lawyer of one case, after Paerfuli commits suicide, her register that contains capacity of passenger of 815 go whoring is asked to seal up for keeping by the judge. Nevertheless recently, cloth benefit puts forward on the west, hope to publish this one list. Xibuli expresses, this one list contains the pertinent information of pair of general election that having likely. In addition, paerfuli stil

l claims to will make public the identity of a lot of high official clients, make they become the witness of this case. At present nevertheless he cannot is opposite temporarily list content makes overmuch comment. There is a report to say before this, in July 2007, ever referred to have settle or live in a strange place of more than 15000 go whoring to American media in Paerfuli the list of telephone number.

As we have learned, in the time that is as long as 13 years, paerfuli manages walk the street the gang offerred pornography to serve for on Washington 10 thousand VIPs. Paerfuli is Washington special zone through the phone in the home of California, the client of area of north of Ni Yazhou of Baltimore He Fuji arranges muster young woman. These clients are Washington politics elite more, include Louis to install graceful senatorial Davy. Dimension is special (the DavidVitter) , member that still have husband of fund of money of employee of bank of officer of army of assistant Secretary of State, congressman, United States, world, international, and the rate that muster young woman provides a service for the client is horary 300 dollars. Paerfuli is called accordingly Washington procuress (D.C.Madam) .

Before the suicide, paerfuli is ruled to wash black money, illegal post and blackmail accusation. According to standard of measurement of penalty, paerfuli can face put in prison 5 to 6 years, highest penalty can amount to put in prison 55 years.

Discontinue one's studying of courtyard of Washington procuress law is become diligent miscellaneous build up

Paerfuli was born at Ni Yazhou north of Bin Xi law 1956 Shaleluoyi, when the middle school once by ride roughshod over, city of emigrant later Florida completes high school school work, old schoolmate describes her in those days is lovely but bashful girl. In the school magazine 1974, paerfuli is to like sew, dance by appearance, enjoy as factitious as what reach extroversion amicably friend, but she did not complete high school course in that school, escape to Buddha city to study however. One's early years ever abandoned Paerfuli the school work of law courtyard, should cross bar serve.

After dagger of resident sage alternate, paerfuli began to manage 1990 advanced walk the street business, run China government office advanced walk the street the group is offended on Guan Fei, walked the street because of managing in California 1991 blame put in prison, final suicide wind up.

130 hooters pass at hand actual combat checks

The PamelaMartinandAssociates that Paerfuli manages walks the street the group does celebrity business only, the service pervades China government office, Virginia state administrative division and Maryland city, go whoring guest includes the trustee of bank of high level of politician, army, world and international Monetary Fund to wait, even employee of American aerospace total arrange also Ceng Guang is considered. She moves taught chaperon to swim to have skill craft, to assure qualitative element, return specially to invite the male to do actual combat test, swim in order to check chaperon the service is excellent.

Walk the street of the group collect fees horary at least 300 dollars. According to the record of the indictment, walk the street the group arrives 13 years of 2006 from 1993 earn in all into 2 million dollar. Paerfuli's at hand has more than 130 chaperon to swim provide a service, a lot of chaperon swim is the graduate of famous brand university, or it is the professional female with itself favourable pay.

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