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Han intermediary: " kongfu panda 3 " Chinese head day is box-office 152 million exceed the United States double

Login register intermediary of Han of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: " kongfu panda 3 " is Chinese head day box-office do 152 million exceed double origin: of American? Comfort?2016-02-03 08:5 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel

Han intermediary says, film of American Hollywood animation " kongfu panda 3 " the box-office income that is in China is income of booking office of its United States double much, this showed the power of Chinese film market.

The film " kongfu panda 3 " placard

Korea " central daily " the report will say the website on Feburary 2, the film showed box-office income of the first day to achieve the record of 152 million RMB on January 29, of the American box-office income that this is 10.5 million dollar double much. On box-office on the weekend record, china is 380 million RMB (add up to 69 billion Han about yuan) the 41 million dollar that compares the United States (add up to 49 billion Han about yuan) many 20 billion Han yuan (add up to 1.077 billion yuan of RMB about this net is noted) .

Yu Renying of Han descendants Ameri

can is directed hold guide " kongfu panda 3 " the Sino-US and joint-stock film that level rises even if aims at Chinese market from the plan. Of the film 1/3 make by Chinese animation company.

The version that shows in China still made those who be different from American edition additionally, more accord with mouth of Chinese pronouncing part model. Actor of Hong Kong film was in charge of the sound of the monkey in American edition into dragon, but the dub of the father plum hill that in Chinese edition he was in charge of show share comparing big hero A treasure.

Show day to be in China surely the biggest festival Spring Festival also is an act that is aimed at Chinese audienc

e. " kongfu panda " series serves as material with the kongfu of indicative China and panda, 2008 show first before the Olympic Games.

American Hollywood film already showed clear trend to Chinese pursuit. Because they want to capture this to have world most population,this is of the China of 1.3 billion film market. China adds 22 screen newly on average everyday.

Chinese box-office income grew 48.7% than the year before last year last year, achieved the record of forty-four billion and seventy-nine million RMB. Although the United States still holds the world with 11 billion dollar the first, but China of predicting next year will hold a pioneer.

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