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Dispatch: U.N. Security Council passes punish Korea new resolution consistently

U.N. of Xinhua News Agency on March 2 report 2 days morning 10 when, to sit a meeting of U.N. Security Council, endorse the 2270th resolution that passed experience Korea question consistently with 15 tickets.

The nuclear test that before this resolution is condemned, before long Korea has and use ballistic missile technology to launch a satellite, demand government abandons its nucleus guiding plan. Resolution is pointed to clear, guide in the light of face nucleus the plan ruled further punish step. Resolution indicates the severe difficulty that care Korea people suffers at the same time, point out resolution is opposite innocently wait toward humanitarian situation and economic activity collaboration cause adverse effect. Resolution reiterates safeguard Korea peninsula and northeast inferior the peace of the area and stability, the requirement does not take any likelihoods the action of aggravate insecurity condition, in reiterating support restarts 6 talks reach 6 to state jointly in 9 19, elaborate pass and denuclearize of peninsula of square type implementation, United Stat

es and Korea are affirmatory each other respect sovereignty and peaceful coexistence, stimulative economy cooperates wait for acceptance.

Chinese permanent U.N. writtens guarantee a little while on behalf of Liu backward media expresses, korea just objects disobeying Security Council to concern resolution in, undertake nuclear test is mixed use ballistic missile technology to launch a satellite. Zhongfangyiguan insists to realize peninsula denuclearize, insist to maintain peninsula peace and stability, insist to talk things over through the dialog solve a problem. The 2270th resolution that Security Council passes was reflected afore-mentioned 3 hold to a principle, in was being mirrorred just mix about the footing of problem of Korea peninsula nucleus view, ay just was cast to resolution in.

Liu Jie says, this is one points to clear resolution. Realize Korea peninsula denuclearize to accord with the common interest of relevant parties as early as possible. Korea embraces a nucleus and do not accord with its self interest, the tenet of the 2270th resolution and have a definite object in view of concerned punish measure, guide strictly in the light of Korea development nucleus etc large-scale kill and wound sexual weapon activity, object clearly and aim Korea of keep within limits develops a nucleus to guide further ability, showed international society safeguards a nucleus not to diffuse solemn mood of the system and the target that devote oneself to to realize Korea peninsula denuclearize.

This is the resolution that a requirement just drops tight situation each. Resolution asks each just do not take any likelihoods clearly the action of aggravate insecurity condition. Relevant parties all answer cogent fulfill resolution regulation, put into practice as soon as possible, want keep one's hair on to exercise restraint especially currently, avoid to take ultra action. Allow why to be mixed with Korea nuclear test use ballistic missile technology to blast off the military affairs is strengthened to confront each other for the satellite, the behavior such as the weapon system that aggrandizement a sham battle or deploy exceed peninsula defense requirement, all harmful and profitless, will make peninsula condition more hasten is nervous, it is more difficult to make solve a problem. Fang Zaian pays attention to hair call the turn to emphasize in, china is Korea peninsula near neighbour and the state that to the peninsula stability has main responsibility, give birth to battle to give birth to chaos to the peninsula instead from beginning to end, maintain the proper and safe interest of oneself and area country from beginning to end. Just object guiding instead in heart of peninsula deploy Sa in system, because this kind of behavior damages China and area interest of security of other country strategy, run in the opposite direction with the target that maintains peninsula peace, safety and stability, the effort that plays havoc with international society to seek peninsula problem politics to solve.

This is a resolution that promotes peaceful dialogue. Punish is not a purpose. Security Council resolution also cannot from go up at all solve problem of Korea peninsula nucleus. The 2270th resolution reiterated to arrange the commitment that solves face nucleus problem, s

upport to restore 6 talks and 9 19 to state jointly through the dialog, should become politics to solve the new start of peninsula nucleus problem and slabstone. Next relevant parties should be negotiation of chance open dialog with passing resolution. Just put forward to run paralell in the train of thought that advances negotiation of implementation peninsula denuclearize and peninsula to stop to change a negotiation with the mechanism. This one train of thought holds to peninsula denuclearize already, solve each care evenly again, practical. Relevant parties should is the same as in square photograph to travel, discuss the concrete step that advances afore-mentioned train of thought jointly, from safeguard peninsula and northeast inferior the overall situation of area peace and stability sets out, make hard to realize peninsula denuclearize jointly.

This is mature the resolution to Korea humanitarian situation and the people's livelihood. Resolution expresses to be deeply concerned deeply the severe difficulty that Korea people suffers, the measure that points out resolution sets causes adverse humanitarian consequence to Korea innocently, do not have illicit economy activity and collaboration and hold office at court to begin the job such as humane aid to produce adverse effect to Security Council resolution innocently, reaffirm the commitment that 6 talks cooperate about promoting economy.

Security Council member also is in respective position indicated on the conference that day.


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