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British legend air man Eric Braun dies had driven 487 kinds of planes

In report will occupy new network on Feburary 22 outside intermediary report, british legend air man Ailikebulang dies, die at the age of is 97 years old. In career, braun ever had driven 487 kinds of planes.

Braun was created descend on board of of all kinds aircraft carrier the number is maximum record. He ever was written down by 3 into auspicious Ni Siji records an encyclopedia, and be is the air man of fame most in limejuicer.

Braun was born in Lai spy island on January 21, 1919, be graduated from Edinburgh university, he learned a plane to drive over. Braun attended the Second World War, drive during the war battleplan. He undertook flying for the first time when 8 years old, the military plan air man of period of his father, one war is taking him to drive at that time biplane flies.

Braun retired from royal navy 1970, take offic

e as chairman of British helicopter advisory committee. 1982, he is appointed to be England chairman of royal Aeronautic Association.

Half body bronze of Braun was in air man of legend of the beginning of the year last year Samosaite the completion o

f museum of royal and naval aviation of county. On January 27, ailikebulang celebrated 97 years old of his birthday, many 100 air man attended congratulatory activity.


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