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Ni duckweed Canada does painting and calligraphy to exhibit ten pictures to make by scare buying (graph)

Login register Canada of Ni Ping of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to do painting and calligraphy to exhibit ten pictures to make by scare buying (graph) origin: China on the west Metropolis Daily (Chengdu) 2016-02-14 17:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

On Feburary 14, china Metropolis Daily client carries a reporter on the west from Canada Wengehua learns solely, on Feburary 12 Wengehua local time in the morning 11 when, painting and calligraphy of famous compere Ni Ping exhibits CCTV in Wengehua Chinese culture center opens. It is reported, this is Ni Ping walks along door going abroad to be in Canada first art exhibition that Wengehua holds.

Ni duckweed Canada does book art exhibition

Ni duckweed Canada does book art exhibition

Ni duckweed Canada does book art exhibition

On Feburary 14 afternoon, chen Qian tells Ni Ping's broker China Metropolis Daily client carries a reporter on the west, the book art exhibition that did not think of even him Ni Ping oneself is in Canada so fire. At the outset, she still is anxious afraid art exhibition can have a person to look in exotic an alien land. Cannot think of to will kick off Feburary 12 that day, came congratulation will sing the praises before a lot of people. Mr. Ni Ping is good! Ni duckweed aunt is good! Bless in succession, your body sighs with emotion in the Ni Ping of exotic an alien land myriad.

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inese overseas Chinese from the United States and from Canada very far local drive car comes on a special trip when Wengehua sees art exhibition, ni Ping is touched very, mix at the same time handclasp of the person that look around, say at the same time: Thank! Thank!

As we have learned, about a hundred work that this Ni duckweed art exhibition exhibits in all, all fasten her to be created meticulously in recent years, do not have distinguishing feature. Chen Qian discloses, this art exhibition of Ni duckweed book takes door going abroad first, give local collector, auction art of travel, museum not only house and collect taste operator to wait collect industry line of business wife person provided communication, study, trading platform, and the Chinese overseas Chinese that increased painting and calligraphy of be fond of of Wen Ge China people with the artist interactive, rich Chinese overseas Chinese people mental culture lives, the success of this second book art exhibition holds pair of Wengehua Chinese tradition went to positive stimulative effect since the great progress of artistic culture.

It is reported, after the opening ceremony ends, admire Ni Ping inside the exhibition hall when everybody when the picture is made, have ten calligraphy and painting on the spot by scare buying of lover of local painting and calligraphy in one's hand.

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