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Chinese tourist Spring Festival goes to Han to sweep goods Korea in a large-scale current job outstanding achievement soares

Login register Spring Festival of tourist of China of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to go to Han to sweep goods Korea in a large-scale does current job outstanding achievement soare origin: ? ?2016-02-13 14:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel [summary] up to now, sale of inn of Korea general merchandise is highest already grew 70% , large supermarket sale is highest grew 100% above.

In report will occupy new network on Feburary 13 coverage of network of Chinese of Korea Asia economy, han is gone to to sweep money in a large-scale during Chinese tourist Spring Festival, turnover of current estate company promotes Korea considerably. Although Spring Festival holiday has not end (on Feburary 7 - 13 days of) , but up to now, sale of inn of Korea general merchandise is highest already grew 70% , large supermarket sale is highest grew 100% above.

11 days show according to inn of carefree general merchandise, the silver-colored couplet of inn of carefree general merchandise blocks 5-10 day this month expenditure relatively go up year of the corresponding period (in Feburary 16-21 day) increase sharply 52.5% . This month 1-9 day, inn of carefree general merchandise is Chinese client in all instant drawback more than 1700, day all 240. Contemporaneous, silver-colored couplet card also increased in the expenditure of inn of contemporary general merchandise 49.1% , the expenditure in inn of new world general merchandise criterion increase sharply 78.9% .

Data chart

Analysis of inn of new world general merchandise thinks, of the costly commodity such as luxury, high-grade watch popular the main reason that is sale growth.

In addition, the sale of large supermarket also has rise considerably. Contemporaneous, the silver-colored couplet inside Yimaide blocks expenditure to grow 11.5% compared to the same period, riverside branch returning on the west is increase sharply more 37.6% . Carefree Ma is special station shop grew an Er compared to the same period 2 times above (105.0%) .

Korea government predicts to say, the Chinese tourist that Han visits during the Spring Festival will amount to 150 thousand person-time, grow 18.7% compared to the same period. Inn of each big general merchandise and large supermarket roll o

ut a variety of hitting to fold sales promotion activity to attract Chinese customer in succession. And the instant drawback system that begins to execute since this month also stimulated a tourist to consume further.

System of alleged and instant drawback, it is to show foreign client buys 30 thousand Han Yuan above every time in department store (add up to a RMB about 165 yuan) when the 200 thousand commodity under Han Yuan, can in order to deduct value added tax (the amount of 10%) on the spot the system of settle accounts. During Korea stays, the highest shopping amount that foreign tourist enjoys drawback is 1 million Han yuan.

Jin Dahuan of group leader of sale of culture of inn of carefree general merchandise (sound) say: After entering Spring Festival holiday, young customer comes large quantities of China to consumption of general merchandise inn, the person that will use instant drawback system henceforth also is met increasing.

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