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Female subordinate army is dallied with after wine of captain of a naval ship of beautiful brunt battleship career or terminative

Login are career of female subordinate army or terminative origin: dallied with after registering wine of captain of a naval ship of battleship of beautiful brunt of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian? ?2016-02-08 10:5 of huge rock of dazzle blade contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel [summary] open excessive drinking, sex annoys female subordinate, illicit to take firearms... because a variety of ugly travel are mixed,the action that violate discipline is dismissed

The captain of a naval ship that makes public excessive drinking, sex to annoy female subordinate, illicit to take cruiser of a missile of firearms United States is mixed because of a variety of ugly travel violate travel notes to be, be dismissed not only, and face the outcome with military terminative career.

American navy carries Kangdeluojia class cruiser brings Qi Ao number

Bulaiensuolunsen ever was American navy carry Kangdeluojia the captain of a naval ship that class cruiser brings Qi Ao number, will be removed last year in September post, waiting to be handled finally.

The United States " guide signs up for Virginia " according to " information freedom way " , obtain the final findings report of Suo Lunsen case from navy.

The material of this 126 pages shows, investigation personnel maintains Suolunsen to drink in communal circumstance, carry the naval vessel on illicit gun to create bad job atmosphere thereby, use corrupt character bawdry, sex annoys fair car of many female subordinate and abuse.

Incident by last year August is become forfeit last straw of his profession future. At that time, 10 officer just were obtained rising. According to the convention, what the officer that be promoted must take out a month is new add pay to entertain guests. Congratulatory meeting is in surely a bar. Suo Lunsen disregards subordinate to object, be determined to ask to mix him with officer's car other the officer that attends a party sends bar. Suo Lunsen drank a late night to just left at 11 o'clock continuously at 6 o'clock from in the evening.

During the party, suo Lunsen is in outside bar on a piece of chairs be in alone with a female subordinate. This female subordinate tells to investigate personnel, suolunsendi gives a gender to ask, she thinks he is joking, reply, if agree, suo Lunsen must issue a surface to fight to her government-owned badge. Suo Lunsen refuses, continue however utterance is annoyed, still with similar jussive snout, ask she arrives in the middle of the night his cabin.

Think till other officer two people are in misgivings for long alone, suo Lunsen just stops to pester.

In the road that answer naval vessel, suolunsi continues corrupt character bawdry. However, when he accepts investigation, say, drink too much, write down not clear that evening circumstance.

Say by ado

female subordinate, morrow in the morning, suo Lunsen calls her the office and the trademark that does not disturb please is registered outside the door, the first word asks: If I give you the badge, you are willing and my go to bed?

After be being rejected, suo Lunsen continues to annoy, sign on letter of a qualifications and record of service finally and give she, ask she does not tell others his words and deeds.

This female subordinate says, this is not to all alone Lun Sen sex is annoyed for the first time. He always likes to touch me with improper means it seems that, it is to pat the back after patting not only so simple. He can use knee loiter my knee, perhaps pass me beside when touch touch me. I do not know how to should say these things to him, I worry about the response that he may make.

In investigating a process, other many female soldiers also mirrors him to ever annoyed Suolunsen by the gender; A few officers and soldiers return a report, after alling alone harbor leans in the warship for many times before Lun Senxian, to disembark drink as drunk as a sowly. , suo Lunsen pulls Master Sergeant to his cabin, take out the beer that unlawfully posses and spirited wine to ask him to drink, disobey military discipline avowedly. Master Sergeant drops beer and confiscate spirited wine, returned Suolunsen finally nevertheless.

After bar incident, suo Lunsen calls together officer to attend a meeting, admit oneself are drunk

much, still promise won't recommit. Nevertheless, he shifts him stoned responsibility to subordinate, cause everybody to resent.

Investigation personnel returns discovery, suo Lunsen without the license, the battleship on sling of two private hands, still reveal to someone else even, ask whether they want to buy the custom-built pistol that installs cruiser of Qi Ao date.

Naval lay mines of commander of battle group of the 8th aircraft carrier is special heart of Ba Che Er may ask whether a board of inquiry continues to suit to stay in with respect to Suolunsen army in submit a proposal, need naval minister Leimabaisi finally clappers.

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