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Hillary " mail door " newest at least 22 report mail experience " top secret "

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tside intermediary report, american the State Council confirmed first a few days ago, in the electric mail that the server in the home is being used during Hillary of Secretary of State holds a post before sends and receive, at least 22 content involves top secret.

Data chart: Hillary of the Secretary of State before the United States.

The report says, spokesman of American the State Council stalks or branch to say than 29 days, 7 groups of report that Hillary sends and receive have 22 overall length in mail 37 pages involve top secret, because this authorities decision does not let these report,the content of mail is made public.

It is reported, stalk or branch comparing is the sensitive time place when Ai Ao covers with tiles conference of state political parties and other organizations is about to hold announces afore-mentioned newses. Ever was to the Hillary that Secretary of State takes up the post of between 2013 2009 in vote of conference of Iowa political parties and other organizations, face Fomengte the formidable competition of Sang Desi of city federal senator.

The report points out, on Feburary 1, two parties of American will hold first president preelection in Iowa, pull open 2016 of American president election prelusive. This is American constituency polls with respect to presidential candidate first, controversy of Hillary phone mail is striven for to her for terribly of candidate of president of the Democratic Party adverse.

Stalk or branch to explain than be on the press conference: When these electric mail are given out, did not label confidential document. He expresses, the State Council is being investigated, when Hillary uses the server in new York home to give out these report to mail through private mailbox, whether was the content that these report mail already labelled confidential.

Before this, the State Council made public the electric mail that many 1300 content has been checked, the content that is deleted by the examination includes the viewpoint of foreign leader and governmental official to communicate. It is American government however this time first Hillary label a secret completely into group report mail.

In addition, hillary mails medium 18 phone mail to also must not be made public with the report of 8 groups of come-and-go of presidential Aobama, dan Ke does not contain confidential content than saying these report are mailed. The White House is law of cite president record, should the State Council does not make public these report to mail inside several years.

The State Council and information unit mail content controversy for Hillary's report at least 5 months. Stalk or branch than saying, the State Council is the requirement according to information unit, label these electric mail top secret.

Hillary delivers the mail of about 30 thousand phone of private mailbox answer the State Council, the State Council already made public among them majority. Press judicial order, the State Council must make public the electric mail of the others in 29 days. Although the State Council made public Hillary in the evening that day mail of another batch of phone, but already asked the court extends deadline a month comes

on Feburary 29.

Of Hillary enter into an election contest the group is right of the State Council newest announce special anger, ask to make public the content that those report mail, destroy in order to eliminate what these messages run for the presidency to be caused possibly to Hillary.

Of Hillary enter into an election contest the office did not label a secret when stating those electric mail send middle finger, so the State Council should make public electric mail. The decision that statement points to the State Council is bureaucratic inside fought result, show the State Council rates overmuch material confidential.

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