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Group of day Han folk decides with " Korea communication makes " the data combines Shen Wei

In report occupied new network on January 30 day intermediary report, 29 days of insular Nagasaki counties in territory are opposite the civilian group of Japan and Korea equestrian city signs combination to declare a book, knock the relevant data that decides the envoy Korea that with Japan dynasty of Korea of river door times sends to Japan to connect messenger formally to be organized to article of division of associated state religion (UNESCO) declares the world to remember bequest. Shen Wei data includes diplomat

ic file and draw to coil etc, day Han is aggregate 111, in all 333. Plan to will be declared this year in March, strive selected 2017.

This is Japan declares memorial bequest jointly with overseas team first. The head that 3 years lie between when day Han will come true last year in November talks, side of Shen Wei party hopes this action can promote rehabilitate of two countries relation.

Declare book draft to mention, shen Wei data condensed the method that the two countries that experiences miserable w

ar is built and be maintained and takes the place of at ordinary times and wisdom, emphasizing its value saying is can the peace that history of evidence two countries experiences and intellectual heritage.

Day just includes to be in charge of Korea diplomacy in the data Confucianism the composing of Sen Fangzhou of rain learning the home (grow congratulate head of a county bank the library of country history folk-custom of city Gao Yue avalokitesvara hides) reach " Korea messenger drive is recorded " (holding of writ of county of mountain pass of mountain pass city. Still have 48 when come from the county of 12 government office such as government office of wood county, Kyoto in all 209 data.

The relevant file that Han Fang's data has Korea dynasty pool " communication makes Zheng is recorded " reach the diary that communication makes leave to wait for 63 in all 124 data.

The Korea communication that be in charge of what Shen Wei works is the Japanese local government that with Korea communication makes have source quite and organization composition makes the financial group of boiler hill culture of consultation of contact of predestined relationship ground and Korea. Songyuanyi asks for consultation director to say on the press conference: Below the condition that in day Han the relation ankyloses continuously, hope this one straightforward information can change atmosphere, expect to combining Shen Wei to show. Financial group of boiler hill culture says on behalf of Xie of director plum article: How should coexist in the world that sends more in the war, these instruction reservation were in in the data with a relevant messenger.


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