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Indian man grows 28 finger and toe to obtain Jinisi attestation

Normal person has 10 finger and 10 toe, and heart of article of mind of 43 years old of men pu

lls India Sudaer has 14 finger and 14 toe however. He also is what be still living and in good health on the world to have the person of most finger and toe by attestation of record of auspicious Nisi world accordingly. Su Daer lives in Gujilatebangximode

to slow case Er, it is a carpenter. He suffers from natively point to abnormal disease more, because of this finger and toe amount different at the ordinary person. He gave a name accordingly, many people can see him before Muming. He says: The finger that because these are much,goes out (foot head) , people celebrity of my regard as. This kind of attention lets me feel him extraordinary. Can toe of finger of long so much feel troublesome? Just not! Su Daer says: I do not think take out those are redundant. In fact, as a result of working relation, su Daer often should be used hammer and curium, what he often worries is instead not careful meeting lets him lose a finger or toe when the job. (Qiao Ying) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]


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