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Unscramble Chairman Xi Jinping 2016 visit middle east public opinion how to look (graph)

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National chairman Xi Jinping came 23 days to have state visit to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran on January 19, this is Chinese diplomacy left 2016 piece make, also be top leader of the our country after Xi Yabei blame is queasy arrives first visit this one area.

This year head visit, chairman of be used to heads for middle east namely, contribute Chinese wisdom, offer Chinese program, fulfil Chinese action, let personage of middle east all circles close to actively in our region to China dialog, seek development to be full of expect eagerly.

Observe the personage thinks, chairman of be used to is visited this just meet meantime, achievement plentiful and substantial, open did not come, refresh the relation of China and middle east country.

Middle east all circles is full of to China expect

On January 21, national chairman Xi Jinping publishs a problem to be in headquarters of Caire League of Arab States " the good future that the A in be being initiated jointly concerns " important speech. Pang Xinglei of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Contributive China wisdom produces Chinese effect

Relation of Caire university international learns to teach Hu Sini of Ha Qi Mu to express, chairman Xi Jinping is indicating to the visit of middle east the Three Kingdoms China is right the policy open of middle east area a new level, henceforth Chinese general more actively shares middle east work.

He expresses, the speech of chairman of be used to in A alliance headquarters elaborated pair of A policy of China in detail to all Arabia country, promotional the Arabia country understanding to China, it is forward progress of the A Youyi in driving to lay a foundation. In the speech, he is emphasized elaborated development problem, this is the problem that Arabia country cares generally, only economy obtains better progress, common people ability lives and work in peace and contentment, terroristic also ability by effective keep within limits.

Aihamaidewakaier of chairman of Egypt trade union expresses, the speech of chairman of be used to conveyed China to be willing to produce effect morely in middle east general affairs, middle east country supports greeting attitude generally to this. China always pursues equality mutual benefit, hands-off the foreign policy with his municipal country, very good reputation is enjoyed in middle east country, china more actively participates in middle east general affairs to conduce to Syria, cling to with, the reasonable solution of the heat problem such as Iraq definitely, also can drive build order of more fair and reasonable middle east district.

Chairman of be used to visits refresh China and middle east concern

Middle east public opinion thinks generally, chairman of be used to visits the traditional friendship that will deepen China to be the same as middle east country further and the strategic collaboration concern that face future this.

Suboxiaisala expresses Egypt pyramid politics and researcher of strategic research center, this the visit emphasizes chairman of be used to drive (China and middle east country) spread out collaboration of deal with concrete matters relating to work, share development experience, strengthen culture communication, will conduce to help Arabia country solving real problem at the same time.

Relation of international of university of elegant heart of A of Moroccan Ka Di learn

s to teach Aimadimusa to say, chairman of be used to is when situation of middle east area is unusually tight to visit, realize peace and development infuse for middle east new hope, and the historic speech that he publishs in A alliance headquarters is open up more what concern in A is epochal.

Solemn Sa expresses, china takes seriously highly from beginning to end with include Arabia country inside the developing country is begun south south collaboration, make enormous contribution for world peace and development facilities.

Harry of president of company of Qatar state-operated medium sends Sa to amount to express, the settlement of middle east problem needs wisdom, need just voice. The policy development will of people with the hands-off municipal exotic nation that China pursues all the time, more and more the approve of become reconciled that wins people of middle east area widely is judged. This the visit will drive chairman of be used to middle east problem is solved as soon as possible, promotional the happiness and benefit of this area people.

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