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Italy is receive sculpture of nude of ancient time of cover of Iranian president Lu Hani

According to the BBC (BBC)1 month 27 days of messages, italian government receives the Iranian president Luhani that visit to greet, the card comparing that enters an activity in Luhani holds cover of benefit Europe museum in the palm statue of nude of a few ancient time, cause mock and criticize.

Luhani of president of Italian premier Lunqi and Iran blocked Bituoliou in Rome on January 25 museum held associated press conference, italian most media reported museum in 26 days statue of nude of a few ancient time by the picture of cover, cause an in an uproar.

Museum respect expresses, the naked statue block of the place that premier office asks to pass Luhani rises. But, lun Qi's office rejects to publish a comment at this point. The message says, italian government is done so is to please this to arrive the Mohammedan republic president that visit.

Announce to end the sanction to Iran as the United States, world each country also begins to stretch bosom to Iran. The Iranian president Luhani that undertaking by a definite date 5 days visit in Europe, the hope strengthens the connection of economy of Iranian contemporaneity bound with this.

When to Italian business circles the personage publishs an address, Lu Hani expresses, iran is whole area most safety and the stablest country. He still says, expanding economy is t

he key that hits ultraism, because unemployment create

d a soldier for the terrorist. The report says, iran and Italian enterprise signed value 25 days the agreement of 17 billion euro.

In addition, iranian president Luhani 26 interviewed Roman All Souls'Day to teach emperor square aid each. Vatican says, pope urges Iran to be the same as collaboration of middle east each country, blow is terroristic with weapon traffic.

As we have learned, lu Hani will visit Paris at arriving 27 days, anticipation will sign more contracts with France, include to buy plane of about a hundred airbus.


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