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According to France " Feijialuo signs up for

" reported on January 22, the United States local time on January 21, sex of incumbency of police of a predecessor invades town of He Ma of American Russia carat and employ several blacks woman, be sentenced 263 years of set term of imprisonments.

According to the report, the police that be sentenced is called Huoercikeluo (DanielHoltzclaw) , be accused 36 main charges in an indictment, among them 18 main charge hold water, especially specific aim is invaded. Its lawyer Adamu (ScottAdams) expresses to media outside the court, not accident to the court decision.

Huoercikeluo is faced with Russian carat He Ma at the same time the city is censorial and of several afro-american female sue, include to pull tribute in these females (Jannieli

gons) and Campbell (DemetriaCampbell) .

The report says, campbell initiated lawsuit in September 2015, ever explained say on November 5, 2013, she gives toward a cafeteria afore fall ill the daughter of be in hospital buys meal way in, be being caught by Huoercikeluo procrastinate to be built toward. Huoercikeluo is beaten up to be being applied actually first, wear darby to her, be opposite next her practice fraud. Those who initiate collective lawsuit pull tribute to express, huo Erci overcomes what Luo Li uses a post to carry out exorbitant to her forcibly illegal activity. He always aims at the middleaged afro-american female that thinks to be atttacked easily oneself to undertake raping, cause serious spirit and affection scar to them.


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