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Tank of Mexican jail deploy takes strict precautions against big poisonous ambitious again escape from prison (graph)

Login register tank of deploy of jail of Mexico of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to take strict precautions against big poisonous ambitious again escape from prison (graph) origin: ? ?2016-01-20 10:4 of Da eat PiaoEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

Entrance of downy and federal prison is in deploy tank

After half an year of the 2nd escape from prison, poison of Mexican number one fierces and ambitious Huajingusiman is captured 8 days again eventually this month. Nevertheless, lock up this Mexico of Gusiman is on guard the near future appeared near the closest jail construction project, cause the outside to be anxious: Does the Gusiman of byname burrow king want escape from prison the 3rd times?

Last year in July, gu Siman from Mexican guard ground of the closest escape of downy and federal prison and escape, this is the 2nd his escape from prison. After successful escape from prison, great of ancient Si Manceng says on gregarious website, everything happened twice, regular meeting happens the 3rd times, allude him even if to be captured again, also can carry out escape from prison the 3rd times.

After Gu Siman is captured 8 days, its son Aerfuleiduo also alluded new plan it seems that. We start over again this process. Aerfuleiduo says on gregarious website.

Press England " daily Post " view, gu Siman was in last year the pure exercise of downy and federal prison can go on wheels, the one place that the profit from on certain level borders with the jail at that time builds a project, the bore sound with this deafening project masked burrow sound of Gusiman. At present the construction project outside the jail causes consequently guess: Does Gu Siman want escape from prison the 3rd times really?


Although Gusiman already was asked to answer the United States, inquisitor of federal of Dan Moxi elder brother already stated extradite program wants a flower 6 years time. And since after be captured this month, downy and federal prison is prevent Gusiman again burrow desert adopted a series of is on guard measure, among them one changes often namely lock up Gusiman's prison house.

Gu Siman won't be in two evening stay continuously in prison house, jail alarm can change randomly for Gusiman every night new prison house. Jail respect still carries out 24 hours of round-the-clock monitoring to Gu Siman, ensure photograph do not have blind angle like the head.

Although Gusiman is previous,two place mouth of a cave does not have the tunnel of desert to be sealed, but exit however already guard forbidding, accordingly, gusimanli uses the possibility very little of this pure escape.

In addition, the security measure all round the jail already also upgraded, set

toll-gate of two department military affairs, federal police undertakes 24 hours round-the-clock patrol, main entrance is in the jail to return deploy even two fight tank.

The jail just expresses, the newest construction project near the jail is to build lead to Mexican capital Mexico the conduit is defeated by water of the city, conduit area includes site of downy and federal prison, nevertheless technical personnel denied Gusimanli uses the possibility that conduit escapes.

(conduit) inside hydraulic and special big, personnel of a technology tells " daily Post " reporter, gusiman enters even if successfully among them a conduit, also can drown inside a few seconds die or by (hydraulic) collapse.

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