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Winner of huge award of lottery of 337 million dollar shows the United States personally: Still continue to work

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ork austral Fujian winner of huge award of lottery of 337 million dollar shows a body: Still continue to work origin: ? Salary  ?2016-01-17 10:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

The puissant ball lottery with completely beautiful fashionable number of win a prize in a lottery of 13 days of late shake-out, head award bonus is as high as 1.586 billion dollar (add up to 10.45 billion yuan of RMBs about) , share by 3 pieces of lottery. Win a prize in a lottery person one of, come from a pair of couples of Tennessee 15 days to show a body publicly, the story of large award backside in was being told about.

This expresses to the couple, after taking a huge sum of money, they plan to pay off a room to borrow the school work loan with the daughter first, may take out one part after that the orgnaization such as contributory children hospital.

Lottery company presiding apparitor breaths out Tian Na on the west Grove (right 2) couple of Xiang Lubin abdicate and daughter issue check of a huge sum of money (picture origin: New China / beautiful couplet)

Do not want to buy originally

This win a prize in a lottery person be called Yaohanlubinxun, it is 58 years old, live in heart of Tennessee awn blessing, it is a veteran, show hold office at place a content sheds a center. His wife is called Li Sa, this year 53 years old, it is a dermatologist. Two Yo have the couple one child one female.

Couple of Lu Bin abdicate attends first gear TV program 15 days in new York, become puissant ball lottery to open the person that award hind makes public the win a prize in a lottery of the identity the earliest. Lottery of additionally two pieces of win a prize in a lottery comes from California city and Florida city, win a prize in a lottery person have not claim bonus.

Marital John says, oneself are not professional colour is confused, because he does not have enough money,buy lottery ticket every week. Buy the idea that lottery is wife Li Sa this, and the distance is bought end time only remnant two hours. He says: That day, I come off work on the way home, the wife calls ask me, a few pieces of lottery ticket can you buy by the way on next roads?

His memory says, oneself worked

that day very tired, some want to buy not quite, but still was in a small supermarket to buy lottery ticket by wife meaning. He bought 4 pieces, be equivalent to 4 everybody is one piece. After giving a wife lottery, john sleeps early.

After result driving prize comes out, couple two feel special astonish, took out lottery to check for many times repeatedly, from beginning to end incredibly oneself are win a prize in a lottery person. When the person that report a win a prize in a lottery till local media comes from awn blessing heart, they just set their mind at.

How is a huge sum of money beautiful?

After the person that affirm oneself are win a prize in a lottery, couple two did not head for bonus of lottery department claim instantly, relevant note inquires on preexistence net however. According to the proposal that receives from the net, they employed respectively an accountant and a lawyer, the help does this a huge sum of money.

Win a prize in a lottery of puissant ball lottery person have two kinds of kind that receive award: One-time the 337 million dollar after taking away duty or get in installment inside 29 years all money award of 529 million dollar. Abdicate couple chose Lu Bin former. To one-time the decision that raises stake, couple the two explanations that give out are, what will because do not know,produce tomorrow.

Stand as lucky lottery, to Lu Bin the supermarket of lottery of abdicate couple work off also acquires stake of 25 thousand dollar.

How should be refer a huge sum of money spent, reporter of two pairs of media shows the couple, they prepare to pay off a room to borrow the school work loan with the daughter first. Current, couple two live in a value in the house of 150 thousand dollar. This house has 3 bedrooms, room age already exceeded 20 years. Nevertheless, they did not move temporarily plan.

This expresses at the same time to the couple, they still prepare to take out one part stake to contribute hospital of an a cathedral, children to help a few friends.

As to in is the job still used after large award? Couple two answers: Why not? They express, zhou Yi will still punctual appear in the office. According to Xinhua News Agency


The life that huge award changes

Guest of rich of American thought progress says, groom according to finance the estimation of countrywide foundation, in the crowd that wins money award of a huge sum, 70 % did not gain any success, it is normally inside a few years bonus prodigal one sky. British researcher discovers, the gainer of lottery large award of 44 % can be in 5 years short in, spend all bonus.

Other and multinomial research, include the discovery of a research criterion that California university had 2008, driving prize only after 6 months, lottery win a prize in a lottery person did not compare not the person of win a prize in a lottery is more happy.

1997, ha Leer of the small Bob that compare profit gets Kesasi in the United States the city wins the lottery head award that is as high as 31 million dollar. The person that helps to any need after him is very fervent, bring about overspend badly, be heavily in debt. Ha Leer chooses finally to commit suicide. According to Xinhua News Agency

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