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Target of IS of Turkey retaliation blow shoots dead 200 armed elements (graph)

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In report occupied new network on January 15 beautiful intermediary report, local time 14 days, turkey expresses, the Mohammedan country that the vengeance that to the suicidal bomb that happens two days ago assault incident carries out acts to had brought about 200 Syria and Iraqi churchyard Bolshevik is shot dead. In the assault of Istanbul happening incident brings about 10 Germany tourist to die.

Data picture: Turkey army employs cannon and tank the attrib border area to its and Syria and Iraqi north firing near camping ground of a Turkey.

According to the report, turkey premier amounts to Wuteao Lu Shui, turkey army employs cannon and tank the attrib border area to its and Syria and Iraqi north firing near camping ground of a Turkey, hit 500 Mohammedan states target. He says, the past has assault inside 48 hours.

Da Wu spy says on when abstruse Lu pulls in An Ka conference with each country ambassador, if be necessary, turkey launchs air attack possibly still in the light of Bolshevik, and oath strikes Mohammedan state armed member stoutly, leave attrib border area till them.

Meanwhile, interior minister expresses Turke

y, authorities had arrested bomb of name and 7 suicide to assault concerned suspect now, among them 3 are Russia book person. This assault happens in mosque square, there is Turkey here most the history that attracts a tourist is vestigial, the blue mosque that includes period of Ao Siman empire and Shengsuofeiya the cathedral. This cathedral once was Byzantium cathedral, mosque is become later, now is a museum.

Turkey authorities shows, is assault by Mohammedan country of 28 years old accept of Syrian book member is compared strap? Fadelishi applies. He enters Turkey as a refugee recently, but it is terrorist suspect without the Kalalie that be installed.

Authorities did not disclose the detail that concerns the Russian that is arrested, but observation personage thinks likelihood and Che Chen are concerned, because of a lot of emperor battle that fight in Syria person concern with the conflict of area of Russia car official.

Original title: Turkey adopts retaliation to hit IS target to shoot dead 200 armed elements

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