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Indian woman by the train " make friends passes " hind flee for his life to a hair almost not caustic (graph)

Login register woman of India of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian by the train " does make friends pass " hind flee for his life to a hair almost not caustic (graph) origin: ?  tries know well?2016-01-14 15:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

India 45 years old of women Ximannimanji (Himani Manjhi) Bangpululiya was pulled in Xi Mengjia a few days ago (Purulia) hour of fetch of Jing of railway station experience. The railroad road junction that she is attending to through nobody at that time, accident however trip is on rail. Suddenly one hangs the freight that has 56 railroad car to the train gallops and come, graceful auspicious is obliged to continue silent bend over it is among orbit, wait for the train to had left from her body. Fortunately, manjiji flees for his life like mark, a hair almost nondestructive.

When freight train is passed, graceful auspicious bends over between train orbit, flee for his life like the miracle. Video cut pursues


l Ji Zheng should move toward platform other a side through rail at that time, suddenly accident trip is on rail. (video cut pursues)

Graceful auspicious as far as possible body of volt private parts, the train is passed from her body upper part directly. (video cut pursues)

Admirable is, graceful auspicious as hair almost without the injury. (video cut pursues)

Making what the spectator on the platform surpriseds is, graceful auspicious as hair to stand up without injury ground almost after the train is passed. (video cut pursues)

Eyewitness pulls Muxinha (Ram Sinha) say: Everything what happen at the mo

ment has a few seconds only. She (graceful auspicious) want to had crossed rail across the car on the platform, but slip however, notice the train is being approached from another. When waiting for our reaction to come over, the train has gallopped from her body and pass.

Xin Ha still says: This sudden incident makes us spinal be born cold, but make us feel astonish and happy ground is, she not only lucky flee for one's life, a hair even without the injury, it is nose rub only a skin, that is the grit be caused by since belt of train quickness travel.

Local station official confirms: Graceful auspicious was sent to the platform to undertake urgent after nursing, leave by the car.

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