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IS arms the element teachs " to put to death in public for accusation with " betray him mother

The extreme organizes Mohammedan country (IS) all the time with atrocious and celebrated, but anyhow unthinkable also they are made matricidal of such inhuman lift. According to network of news of American cable television (CNN)1 month 8 days of messages, IS arms the element put to death in public for accusation with betray teaching oneself mother.

According to the Syrian authority observes constituent introduction, this year only IS of 20 years old terrorist, the name is Ali Saqr, his mother is called Leena Al-Qasem, many years old 40, a post office that is in city of Raqqa of IS base area works.

Ali tries to maternal do missionary work, hope its join IS. But Leena did not agree not only, advise in earnest instead the IS that the ground persuades a son to leave atrocious, inhuman. She hopes son and she can escape, because fear instead,alliance will kill all IS member.

Leena is made betray teachs a blame accordingly, be executed by son of its one's own.

IS make mind of this kind of person in all of anger lift be not first. Last year in August, IS razzias rice of handkerchief of Syrian ancient city is pulled (Palmyra) , not only wantonly claw cultural relic, blow up Gu Cheng main building. Be in charge of be in Rome of this guard inside ancient city Caesarean history is

vestigial, beautiful the famous archaeologist A Sade that 50 old time undertake archaeology digs the job (Khaled Asaad) , also by IS behead, its remains is more by condole amid on the stone column of an ancient building, show Yi country organizes armed member again fierce and cruel by nature.

Last year April, IS armed assault is in the camp of Ye Er Mu Ke refugee of Damascus. According to England " daily Post " report, one escapes the abominable violence after the refugee of camping ground describes ISIS to take-over, say terrorist kills the child before parents.

Another refugee expresses, say IS not only behead, still kick the head that is thrown to fall with the foot. He says: I see IS

skull of two members gangmaster plays when the football.


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