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Harbor intermediary: Dismemberment of old man of 7 a period of ten days casts Germany after boot of Tibet of 71 years old of wives the lake commits suicide

Germany 72 years old of old man killed 71 years old of wives a few days ago, boot is put after dismemberment the other side, hide the head inside concrete brick again, put concrete brick inside glue bag to hitch next both hands, the Telaoen that plunges again to the south of fort of Ci of Austrian Sa Er lake (Lake Traunsee) commit suicide.

A man reports a case to the security authorities 3 days, point to discovery a float has limb of human body incomplete inside the boot of lake face. 4 days of rediscover hide police another times the boot of incomplete limb, send frogman search then, body of this old man discovers in bottom of 5 meters of deep lakes finally. Authorities estimation, old man comes in

the Christmas during new year's day after strangle wife dismemberment of the other side.

(original title: Harbor intermediary: Germany casts

a lake to commit suicide after boot of Tibet of wife of dismemberment of old man of 7 a period of ten days)


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