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Vietnam makes first revive

Login register Vietnam of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to make first revive - ability of assault of high seas of aggrandizement of 30MK2 battleplan army (graph) origin: ? ?2016-01-05 19:0 of huge rock of dazzle blade contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

On December 29, 2015, lade two is wear revive - of 30MK2 opportunity for combat how - 124-100M large transport descends in Vietnam Xian harbor air base. These two opportunity for combat were August 2013 12 when Vietnam orders from Russia revive - 30MK2 mixes the 8th the 7th times medium, number is respectively 8589 with 8590, by Su Huoyi group in all black town plane makes combine (KnAAPO) production.

Morrow, " Vietnam youth signs up for " the den series report that rolled out battleplan of Vietnam glasses boa, showed homeland head to raise in the round revive - the road of the Cheng Jun of 30MK2 army and combat readiness circumstance, especially round-the-clock fight and ability of high seas assault.

Number of Vietnam air force 8535 revive - 30MK2 opportunity for combat.

Base of Vietnam military affairs is stoppin

g revive - 30 a group of planes.

On December 6, 2014, by An-124 carriage accident carries revive - 30MK2 fighter plane is being uninstalled in airport of Vietnam Xian port.

Southeast Asia scale is the largest revive - 30 aircraft group

Russia " businessmen signs up for " the message says, the company plans Su Huoyi formerly 2014 to Vietnam consign 4 revive - 30MK2, the others 8 2015 consign. Because Russia just produces plan incur loss through delay, finally the delivery time of 4 opportunity for combat by remit to 2016.

2013, vietnam air force had equiped 24 revive - 30 series are heavy-duty battleplan, first of country of southeast Asia of house of aircraft group dimensions.

According to " Russia aviation " website report, in December 2003, vietnam and Russia signed 4 revive - 30MK is basic model purchase a contract. Include changeover cost inside, just paid 120 million dollar in all more.

2009, vietnam ordered 8 to Russia again newest revive - 30MK2, increased 12 order second year, include ammo and fittings inside total prices 1.4 billion dollar. These 24 revive - the number of 30 opportunity for combat is 8531 to 8542 and 8571 to 8582.

Russian square consign is odd 4 revive - after 30MK2, vietnam air force equips revive - amount of 30MK opportunity for combat will achieve 36. In addition, the MiG that Vietnam air force returns equipment to 200 wear the left and right sides - 21, revive - 22 etc fight opportunity for combat, old to the part old opportunity for combat undertook modernization changes his costume or dress.

Equiping revive - 30 before, vietnam air force has had revive - the use experience of 27 series battleplan. 1995, vietnam bought the first batch to Russia 6 revive - 27 battleplan, include 5 - 27SK mixes 1 revive - 27UBK, value 150 million dollar. After two years, vietnam bought the 2nd batch of 6 same combination revive - 27 battleplan.

Revive - 30MK2 and revive - 30MKK is together in all the heavy-duty multipurpose battleplan that design of production combine of Qing Chengfei machine produces, use at exporting China at first. Among them, revive - 30MK2 key improved boat cable system to promote pair of sea attack capability. According to England " air force technology " website report, air arm of navy of fleet of Chinese naval the East China Sea equiped 24 revive - 30MK2.

Powerful high seas dash forward ability is raided

Vietnam air force will receive before 2013 revive - 30 deploy are inside upper river the Hu Zhiming city with the south is circumjacent, the deploy that arrives two years recently is in mid Xian harbor.

Among them, the 370 division of edge of area of environs of quarter at Hu Zhiming and air base 935 groups are Vietnam air force equips first times entirely revive - the army of 30MK2. Rose 2008, this round opportunity for combat begins reef of the Sha Dao austral the China that fixed cruise holds illegally.

" Vietnam youth signs up for " the den that the near future rolled out series to report battleplan of Vietnam glasses boa, the road of the Cheng Jun that developed unit of ace of this Vietnam air force in the round and combat readiness circumstance. Glasses boa is Vietnam media gives revive - the byname since 30MK2, in order to show the powerful fighting capacity of battleplan of this kind of heavy-duty, round-the-clock, long-range multipurpose.

The report recorded the routine training that will undertake last year in October. Training heads a group personally by 935 regimental regimental commander, include fall to form into columns with much chance since new air man wait for content, much group air man dispatched 3 times continuously in the maneuver that day.

The report still alludes, the main task of 935 groups is maritime attack prevent, vietnam air force first maritime flight v/arc drillmaster all out this are round. In April 2014, of 935 groups revive - 30MK2 finished history of Vietnam air force to go up first high seas assault trains. In a maneuver last year March, of this group revive - 30MK2 cooperates with revive - 22M4 attack plane and rice - 8 helicopter undertook nightly and maritime practice with live ammunition, test and verify capability of couplet collaboration warfare.

The company had rolled out Su Huoyi revive - the replace person of 30 opportunity for combat, begin to be recommended to client key newest revive - 35. According to " Russia satellite network " report, vietnam is revive - the potential client of 35, purchase an amount to predict to be 24.

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