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Darling of penguin of antarctic emperor of bud bud Da leans close each other warm oneself drive blizzard

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or of Da of bud of bud of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to lean close each other warm oneself: of drive blizzard origin? Be not Nao?2016-01-29 17:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

German cameraman the Er in consolidate spy Er (Gunther Riehle) film in Antarctica darling of a group of lovely penguin of the Supreme Being people lean close each other, squeeze closely together resist the photograph of blizzard.

In this group of photographs, a few only the penguin darling with 3 big months crouchs sit on glacial face, double eye lock, snowflake was stained with on thick nap. They are next to, squeeze together, resist blow on the face and the blizzard th

at come and the severe cold of near 0 24 Celsius. Still huddle of a few small penguin hides in the back of a grown penguin, avoid wind snow. The parents of general penguin darling can have one party to stay attend them, another goes seeking food. Grown penguin also can resemble when penguin darling is squeezed together alternate often in that way the position, make sure every penguin can feel warm thereby.

Consolidate spy Er says they are there camp when around have two groups of penguin, apart is close one kilometer, hundreds a flock of having, on 1000 a flock of additionally having. Be in night or when blizzard will raid, two groups of penguin also can be squeezed together, continuously nearly a few hours, some penguin can lay down even in order to avoid cold wind. When scientist Ceng Ce goes out to be squeezed together when a flock of grown penguin, the temperature that nears central area can achieve 37 Celsius, can help them effectively resist freezing.

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