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How times because congress discusses routine to be held with day, nonattendance Dawosihui is discussed

According to Japanese cur

rent affairs communication company reported on January 5, japanese premier brings times advance nonattendance of 3 decisions of short duration the annual meeting of world economy forum that the last ten-day of a month amounts to Wo Sishao to leave in Switzerland this month (Dawosihui discusses) .

Personnel already was opposite yesterday related the government this matter undertook demonstrative.

According to the report, japanese routine congressional discusses working general and Dawosihui to discuss hold with day, install times first consideration to attend former because this decides,nonattendance is amounted to fertile this the conference. It is reported, how times ever attended Dawosihui was discussed 2014 and published opening speech, 2015 because reason is absent.

(original title: How times because congress discusses working general nonattendance,Dawosihui is discussed)


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