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If jellyfish can hold 20 thousand person,Belgium makes body of the city in the sea

Belgian green architect makes the city in giving an of great capacity, the appearance is just as jellyfish, can hold 20 thousand person, human general but above autarky.

The report says, be chosen to be the whole world the Vincent Callebaut of architect of award of sustainable green building holds 50 green heavenly body knife, yu Haizhong makes human residence, business do, the building below surface is tectonic but thorough sea floor 1000 meters, have 250, every 500 meters wide. Borrow achieve airiness by chimney equipment, coping rises to surface t

o make passageway and ship dock use.

This zoology village still includes the space of prospective city life such as farming ground, seawater breed aquatics, a

utarky reduces carbolic footmark, drinking water also will be to take obtain from briny desalt, do not need fossil fuel to generate electricity. The city in the sea will be used reclaim content, algal wait for building materials to combine 3D to print a technology to make, the plan sets park world inside 5 ocean, cost of every square metre 1430 pound.


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