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Emersion of law section Xi Jia turns over Mohammedan demonstrate people to ask to capture piece alarm murderer

[Wang Li of reporter of round-the-world network coverage orchid] will report on December 28 according to broadcasting station of French international broadcast, elegant Ke Xiao of A of city of Xi Jia island is in French division local time in December 27 produce the remonstrant demonstrate that is aimed at Moslem again, but 28 days restore calm it seems


The report says, hundreds remonstrant ignores a ban 27 days, in demonstration of garden of empire of Moslem residential area, did not produce violent conflict nevertheless. Be in before this the Christmas is restful night, two fireman and a police are cheated to come by the phone this area fire fighting, but encounter ambuscade assault, this matter irritated Kexijia the people.

Demonstrate of hundreds division Xi Jia person the Caesarean garden village that crosses Moslem inhabit a region 27 days. A demonstrate person express to French media, oneself are not a racist, accuse the person broken bits that beg even if should assault those firemen and police searchs exclusively, no matter the skin of these people is white, black or yellow.

It is reported, before christmas, police of division Xi Jia receives afore-mentioned sensitive areas to have hit those who break a phenomenon to report a case to the security authorities. To prevent the Christmas restful night produces baleful set on fire, police station and municipal government send personnel to arrive this area, seized 400 ligneous goods dish, a ton of tire reachs to detonate device.

But in the Christmas restful night, somebody is hit call the police phonily phone requirement firemen arrives this area put out a fire. The firemen that goes coming to help before and police did not discover igneous love, encounter tens of names cheat the assaul

t of face person however. These people use rod of coagulation clod, iron and baseball to the rod assaults fire engine and break the window that destroy a car, maul two firemen and a police.

The report points out, this action irritated division Xi Jia's person. 25 days, fine person reachs hundreds section on the west demonstrate of the peace before door of constabulary total office, the requirement captures a thug. But occurrence force of demonstrate activity dusk, a near garden of past emperor national flower Moslem before about 200 people prays the place is hit be bungled, and burn down tens of this " the Koran " . French premier Waersi and interior minister Kazenafu instantly severity denounces this violent hold a demonstration. Commissioner of division Xi Jia sends government order to prohibit assembly is processional.

French media discloses 27 days, police is in Kexijia summon for trial of Caesarean garden village two youths, they will be curiumed on December 24 by accusation the tree in a campus, try arson. But the full name that police did not disclose them and identity.


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