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Germany reprints the autobiography lifts Xitele first after 70 years domestic debate upsurge

According to England " daily Post " will report on December 24, the autobiography that Germany decides to published Xitele in January at next year " my struggle " . This message, german home lifted upsurge of a controversy: Is this book phyletic and calumniatory agitator or useful education data after all?


ording to the report, german Munich is modern the book that after the sc

holastic last a period of time of historical institute arranged this 3 years to end from World War II originally with 3500 annotate, is sealed to ban. The new book that is about to publish shares 2000 much pages, cent coils up and down, own copyright of 70 years.

But, this action sufferred the doubt of German Jew Central Committee. They think, this book is typical anti-semitism, should be continued to prohibit. When after copyright expires, this book will be obtained more easily. Shusite is in Joseph of this committee chairman the respecting in a statement. Nevertheless he admits, want to explain Nazism and massacre, it is important to the understanding of this book. So, if add,note of edition " my struggle " helpful to scientific research and education, we also it doesn't matter is exceptionable.

The report says, to still be up to now for the Germany that makes a fight with Nazi and massacre bequest, publish " my struggle " one book is the one stride that strides ahead. Investigation shows, german people also exists to publishing the view of this book difference. England carriages view investigation net discovers last month, what have 51% about is German object continueing to implement a ban. But German Bavaria city already prevented this book reprint for many times with respect to copyright issue.

It is reported, " my struggle " one book is inspected Xitele's autobiography. Ideal of the individual experience that he told about himself in this book, politics and politics are politic.


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