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Before Russia first killing of rich body experience meets with global order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large or seek British asylum

The message will occupy Beijing of center extensive network on December 25 Chinese sound " news freely " report, 2 years ago, on December 18, 2013, amnesty undertakes when Russia constitution executes 20 years, recovery of about 20 thousand convict is free, before this includes Russia among them first rich Huoduoerkefusiji. Two years are lain between when nowadays, huoduoerkefusiji again by order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large, this, be suspected of 3 picket homicide case according to weighing h

im, be accused to murder.

Russian Federation investigates committee to gave out international order for arrest a few days ago, and situation in must. Russia investigates commission spokesman Maerjin to emphasize, no matter Huoduoerkefusiji is in where personally, even if be,also want in antarctic its try sb.

Age a court case of long standing is renovated again piece, be 10 years stage a come back of kind and enmity or incident backside have facts one wishes to hide additionally?

Rice breaths out Yierhuoduoerkefusiji, he is called cross the border person, the Russia before this head oligarch of rich, famous finance; 2003, huoduoerkefusiji is arrested, because of public money of bilk, dodge a tax, embezzle, wash the accusation such as money to obtain punishment, after career of 10 years of bagnio 2013 get-off. Nowadays, he is become again by the object of order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large.

Russia investigates commission spokesman Fulajimiermaerjin to allege: Because evidence shows, rice breaths out Yierhuoduoerkefusiji to be suspected of killing and plot beforehand homicide, decide in its absent circumstance falls so, take detain step to its. If what you know, the court had approved relevant application.

According to Russia media coverage, it is early at the beginning of this month in and month out, russia police launchs the investigation to Huoduoerkefusiji. According to saying, his Ceng Yu between 1998, engineer and executed pair of Siberia area cities the killing of Niefujieyougansike's mayor Peitukehuofu. Russia investigates committee to say, be murdered of suddenly husband of plan of new evidence indication admire and he asks Youkesi its evasive imposition concerns pay.

In June 1998, the Peitukehuofu that Niefujieyougansike's mayor holds the post of when meets with on road going to w

ork shoot dead, up to now this case still was not uncovered. In the bookshops is having two kinds of talks to his cause of death: Some people think, of Peitukehuofu displeased Youkesi with its to death the company is concerned; Also someone says, he ever displeased faction gang of place.

Board of inquiry ever asked to launch inquiry to Huoduoerkefusiji with respect to details of a case. However, huoduoerkefusiji rejects to cooperate. He makes known his position clearly, oneself won't with investigation staff meeting. Pisipan reiterates his news secretary: He does not care at all, huoduoerkefusijibingbuxi hopes to change his way of life.

Go up century 90 time, russia of have the aid of changes Huoduoerkefusiji demesne motion accumulates a large number of wealth, become head rich, oily company of his You Ke Si Shi is Russia for a time the biggest Petroleum Company.

From head rich to the captive, contrail of what kind of life is Huoduoersiji having?

It is Huoduoerkefusiji of 52 years old, was born in a Muscovite average household 1963. After Russia disintegrate, huoduoerkefusiji captured the vacuum of system, accumulate wealth quickly, through establishing oily company of bank and Si Shi of control blame division becomes Russia head rich, and he also is Beijing of Russia president general the most intense anti and one of person that criticize. In October 2003, huoduoerkefusi gene bilk, dodge a tax is arrested, was sentenced 9 years to imprison 2005, subsequently 2010 because of embezzle public money, wash the accusation such as money, its term of imprisonment is lengthened to 14 years.

Media of a few wests thinks, huoduoerkefusiji always holds the position that opposes Beijing of Russia president general, he enters prison serve a sentence likelihood element of drag in politics, but Russia government gives to this deny. General Beijing expresses: While Youkesi's president is arrested, all play the market and hysterical should stop, I ask you do not go in governmental drag in.

December 2013, general Beijing signs amnesty to make, huoduoerkefusiji is released from prison ahead of schedule. In those days Huoduoerkefusiji attends public activity first after get-off, state future won't be participated in such as strives for political influence or offer the politics such as finance support to Russia opposition. This is him the amnesty application that keeps general capital assures mediumly.

The person that serve as cross the border, huoduoerkefusiji in those days raise one's hand assures: Huoduoerkefusiji assures to won't continue to participate in government and political affairs, he keeps positive-appearing image to what reiterate for many times in the letter of general Beijing president, he can participate in public activity, is not the fight of the right.

March 2014, huoduoerkefusiji obtains Switzerland permanent and resident authority, at this point he should fade out of public eye shot originally, nevertheless the story did not end apparently.

Sun Zhuangzhi observes expert of problem of Russia of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, age a court case of long standing is renovated again piece, be not coincidence. With the global order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large of Russia police, it is to want to avoid the public to go up toward politics consideration, how many have deep-seated political background nevertheless. Huoduoerkefusiji regards general as the opposition of Beijing, include to began him to be engaged in politics again 2014, include Russian black crisis, he stands in Russia of duty of Wu Kelan one party, condemn general Beijing; Got the platform of an open Europe again additionally, its politics intent is in; Include and a few more Muscovite even the opposition that he aids financially also is engaged in a few politics. Should saying this thing puts forward now so also is not accidental.

Almost as synchronous as this matter, the European Union will express on December 21, in view of new Ming Sike the agreement is in cannot get be fulfillinged in the round inside the time limit of the end of the year this year, the European Union decides to lengthen pair of Russia punish.

Sun Zhuangzhi expresses, go up somehow, the Huoduoerkefusiji that is in Europe personally also can be regarded as Russia is right now right a kind of attitude of Europe. There is the background of special relationship of Russia and Europe again now, especially recently, europe just announced to lengthen punish again, likely also the gesture that Russia makes to Europe, because Huoduoerkefusiji basically is in Home Shen Genguo activity, obtain in Switzerland permanent living authority, to Russia, also have the expression that lengthens punish dissatisfaction to Europe.

It is reported is current, huoduoerkefusiji may be in England personally or Switzerland. But no matter be England or Switzerland, won't Huoduoerkefusiji extradite gives Russia, because this two countries is the same as Russia,did not sign extradite agreement. Be in with Huoduoerkefusiji of the BBC express, the international order for arrest that Russia gives out to him is meant, the compromise that he and Russia authorities reach already not answer exist, he is considering a few options, include to seek political asylum in England among them.

(original title: Before Russia first rich body defect murders suspicion in one's mind to say again by expert of global order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large is deep-seated politics setting)


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