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Lin Laixuan of assemblyman of the greatest opposition announces Han quit a party becomes assemblyman of the 5th quit a party

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to broadcasting station of Korea international broadcast (KBS)12 reports 23 days month, democracy of new politics of the greatest opposition combines Korea assemblyman Lin Laixuan announced quit a party that day. He also is the combination before deserve after show of Dang Shouan sagacious announces quit a party, the 5th announces the assemblyman of quit a party.

From this, be in district of Korea optical city, quit a party already announced before including 1000 earthing up, Piao Zhu announce and Jin Dongzhe inside, share democracy of 4 new politics to combine assemblyman quit a party.

Lin Laixuan expresses 23 days, oneself will end dated ascensive power in new party of An Zhexiu, with intermediate force and reasonable conservative force together, make hard to realize political power replace. (The exercitation compiles: Li Tingting goes over a manuscript or d

raft: Li Xiaofei)

(original title: Quit a party of Lin Laixuan of assemblyman of the greatest opposition

becomes Han assemblyman of the 5th quit a party)


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