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Latest news of Brazilian museum fire: Partial ancient building is destroyed 1 firemen dies

Will report on December 21 according to Afp, local time 21 days, the Portuguese museum that is located in Brazilian emperor Paul produces fire,

museum place history builds a part by burn down. Occupy report of Russian new company additionally, conflagration brings about a firemen to die.

According to the report, conflagration gobbled up museum, whole three-layer builds smother billow, but without important cultural relic by burn down. Accident that day, museum do

es not open to the outside world fitly.

Fulasi accepts museum curator Ai Sha when interviewing, say: This is a disaster really, job of how many years just creates a these brand-new gain.

It is reported, this historical structure that contains style of British railway station was built 1901, rebuilt 2006 museum, the Portuguese colony is rich language before revealing. This museum is revealed with the multimedia of interactive type for characteristic, it is one of museum with the famousest Brazil. [round-the-world net reports integratedly] (the exercitation compiles: Li Xiaoxi goes over a manuscript or draft: Du Xiaofei of bright red admire)

Outspread read: My day of day of block of blaze of exposure of picture of spot of on fire of museum of Brazilian portuguese character


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