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Death of beverage of excessive drink caffein ties many years old of 20 man of Japanese this country first

Report will occupy day intermediary story on December 21, classroom of medical jurisprudence of university of Japanese blessing ridge disclosed recently, area of Japanese a poetic name of China because many years old of 20 man is long-term drink contains coffeine beverage with what have life-giving effect and die at coffeine toxic.

According to the report, although the relic that contains coffeine tablet likely also is mixed in its stomach, but absorbing beverage in great quantities according to the analysis just is dead reason. From the point of particular case, should not be stem from the purpose such as the suicide and a large number of taking.

Department of safety of food of province of deep unripe work says Japan to had not heard of the circumstance of poisonous death in coffeine in home, afore-mentioned case or the report that die for first in taking coffeine for a long time kill with poison inside Japan.

It is according to calling this the male life-giving and frequent take the drink that contains coffeine. The firm that sells similar product states the hope is not successive and drinkable much bottle or with the alcohol that can enhance secondary action together drinkable.

Day intermediary points out, the excessive s

uch as youth of Japan inside and outside absorbs coffeine to already became one big question. In sale content the United States of taller beverage already had dead case report many cases 10, but also the expert thinks Japan

a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces also should have dead case. Japanese home did not absorb the standard such as upper limit.

(original title: Japanese man is excessive life-giving beverage death fastens drink caffein this country first)


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